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Assuming that your Recipient i.e. ‘To’ ID was connected to your server and hosting/domain provider i.e. something like (in our case it was, here’s the possible solution we discovered when our contact form suddenly stopped working and we had lost emails, leads and sign ups from visitors:

(NOTE: We were hosting our site on a private server, so this might not be the solution for those using GoDaddy hosting services. You may consult our developers to help you out in this case- Hire Experts.)

Steps to Recover Mails from Contact Form 7:

1. Login to your Cpanel

2. Scroll down-find-and-click on EMAIL ACCOUNTS

how to recover contact form 7 lost data


how to recover contact form 7 lost data

4. Click on secure webmail login

Secure Web Mail Login

5. Choose your preferred webmail tool i.e. to choose from: Roundcube- SquirrelMail, etc.

6. And you will find all the lost emails from your contact form 7!


This was the possible solution to recover lost leads and emails from contact form 7.

It may not work for you and depends on the hosting/server and other factors. In case if you need help from our Web Developers, contact us by simply filling the inquiry form here- Contact Metizsoft.

Not to worry, our contact form is up and running now!