Drive More Sales with Amazing Collection Page with Effective Filters for the Upcoming BFCM Sale 2021

Welcome to the Shopify BFCM series 2021. In the previous two blogs, we discussed about top 10 Shopify apps for the upcoming BFCM sale and 5 tips to prepare Shopify hero home page for the sale. Now let’s see what this blog has to offer.

As we know, the Black Friday Cyber Monday sale is around the corner, and it is high time to start preparing for the biggest sale of the year by hook or crook. During the time of sale, filtering at the collection page of the store can be a great way to help the shoppers focus on products that meet their requirements.

It is important to organize the collection page of the store with necessary features to drive more sales.

At the time of sale, many shoppers procrastinate the shopping till the very end, and during such time, having an organized collection page will benefit the store as well as the shoppers.

With the help of a systematic and organized collection page, the customers can accurately find the products that they are looking for.

It’s important to have an organized and excellent collection page while preparing for the upcoming BFCM sale.

What is a collection page?

A collection page is a part of your store that lists the products within a collection. The collection page includes product images with product titles, prices, and vendors. Collections are significant to gather similar products together.

A collection page of the store should have the following three things to make it easy for the shoppers who have procrastinated the shopping to buy the products they want.

  • A wish list for the selected items
  • Quick View or quick shop option
  • Smart filters for desired results

Smart wish list for the selected items

You should have a wish list in your store in which the users can add the products they like to buy later. The wish list is like the basket we use in physical stores.

The shoppers can add their products to the wishlist and can purchase those products later. This helps them in keeping a list of products they are interested in buying.

Quick View and Quick Shop

Quick View is a Shopify tool which allows the shoppers a quick preview of the products from its respective category listing. This tool helps in saving their time when navigating your store. This tool enables the shoppers to view the product details on a collection page without refreshing the page.

This tool will not only reduce the shopping time of the shoppers but also bring significant experience to shoppers. The products saved in the quick View can also be added to the cart via the pop-up.

The quick shop is a feature that lets the shoppers add the product directly to the cart with just a single click. The shopper can further buy those products from the cart without much hassle.

Smart and useful filters for the store

You can add multiple Shopify product filters app to your store. There are different filters with all sorts of filter options to each collection page or search result page. These filters help shoppers in finding the products they want without much difficulty.

Some critical filters that you can add on your collection page are

  • Price – You can set the price range of the product, and then all the products under that range will appear.

price filter

  • Color Options – you can apply the color filter, and all the products of that particular color will appear.

color filter

  • Size & Style – You can choose the size and type of products, and those products will appear.

size and style filter

  • Brands – You can buy the products of your favourite brand by choosing the product by its brand name

brands filter

  • Age & Gender – You can choose your age and gender, and all the suitable products will appear.

age and gender filter

  • Discount Sale – You can add these filters on your collection page to find the products via discount sale.

discount filter

These were some of the Shopify product filter app that you can add on the collection page of your store to make it convenient for the shoppers to shop from your store during the Black Friday Cyber Monday sale.

Get the Shopify product filter app and add it to your Shopify store and get the maximum benefit of this tool during the upcoming sale. You can use these tools for a start 14-days free trial and decide for yourself. Start preparing for the Black Friday Cyber Monday sale because it’s high time now!

Drive More Sales with Amazing Collection Page with Effective Filters for the Upcoming BFCM Sale 2021

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