Let’s Look Back at Metizsoft’s Memorable and Fun Trip to Mangarh Resort, Udaipur.

As we know, 2020 was a challenging year for everyone because of the pandemic, but our employees worked hard even in this time of the pandemic, and their efforts are well appreciated. In the New Year 2021, we planned to go out and spend a fun weekend. Our company’s success is directly proportional to our employees’ hard work, and our employees deserve a fun gateway to enjoy with each other and spend fun moments with the team.

This year, we decided to go out on a weekend trip to Mangarh resort, Udaipur. Udaipur, as we know, is the city of lakes, and there couldn’t be any better place than it to spend the weekend, surrounded by nature with our colleagues.

Memorable and Fun Trip

So, Here We Go!

So, the fun begins! We left Ahmedabad at midnight for Udaipur, and the journey began. There’s a saying that the journey is even more beautiful than the destination, which is true. We sang songs and played games throughout the way and had a halt of 15-20 minutes for tea/coffee where the team had hot tea and energized themselves for the rest of the journey.

Memorable and Fun Trip

City of Lakes, Here We Come!

We reached Udaipur on 6th March, Saturday, at 5:30 in the morning and went to our destination, the beautiful Mangarh Resort Udaipur. The resort is a great place to spend the weekend peacefully, and we were more than happy to be there.

Memorable and Fun Trip

Rooms were allocated, and hot breakfast was served. We had south Indian breakfast, which was a great start to a fun-filled day.

Memorable and Fun Trip

After breakfast, we spent some leisure time and then gathered to play sports. After sports, we visited the City Palace Udaipur, which was built in the 16th century by Rana Udai Singh. The palace is a great historical monument that surprises us with its authenticity and architecture even today. We hired a guide to show us around the palace and got to know so much about the history of Udaipur.

Memorable and Fun Trip

We felt connected to our culture and heritage and got to see old musical instruments and battle equipments such as swords and the kings’ armour. We also got to learn a lot about our history and felt like going back in time.

We clicked loads of pictures in the picaresque city palace and had a great time.

We got tired after the sports and city palace tour and sat to have lip-smacking lunch. We had Gujrati food in the lunch, and it was so delicious that we went nom, nom, nom….

century by Rana Udai Singh

After Lunch, Fateh Sagar Lake and Nimach Maata Mandir

After lunch, we all sat in the bus and left for Fateh Sagar Lake. When you are in Udaipur, how can you miss Fateh Sagar and its snacks? Fateh Sagar is a great place to spend your evening peacefully with loads of activities to do, such as boating, tanga ride, camel riding, etc.

Memorable and Fun Trip

We enjoyed snacks and tea at Fateh Sagar and clicked loads of photos with each other and the team.

From Fateh Sagar, we left for Nimach Maata Mandir. The temple is at the height of 850 meters and it was a tough climb but when we reached there, the view was so amazing that all our efforts were worth it.

Memorable and Fun Trip

We could see the whole city of Udaipur from up there and it looked so beautiful. We clicked photos there and it was indeed an amazing experience.

After spending a fantastic time there, we returned to our resort at 8 pm, and it was time for dinner. When we are in Rajasthan, how can we miss Rajasthan food? So, we had lip-smacking Rajasthani food for dinner because, after all, it’s great to try out new cuisines.

And the Highlight of the Day!

How can we call it a day without dancing our hearts out? We danced after dinner and did the Garbaaa until our feet hurt, but it was worth it.

After the dance, we spent leisure time chatting with each other and then finally called it a night and went to bed.

Memorable and Fun Trip

Now Begins the Second Day of the Trip.

Now comes the second day of the trip, which was Sunday, 7th March 2021. We woke refreshed and energetic and had our breakfast. We had Gujarati snacks for breakfast because who can resist fafda and gathiya, isn’t it?

Memorable and Fun Trip

After breakfast, we went to Celebration mall, Udaipur and spent time there shopping. Celebration mall is the first heritage mall of India, and it looks like a palace, and we were awestruck with its architecture. We also went to the local market of Udaipur and explored the local life of the city. It was fun exploring the old city of Udaipur and wandering around in the streets. We also enjoyed auto ride there.

Memorable and Fun Trip

We came back to the resort and had lunch. We had Mexican cuisine in lunch, and it was so finger-clicking delicious. After lunch, we danced a little and clicked group photo with the whole Metizsoft team.

Memorable and Fun Trip

We had the best time in Mangarh resort, and exploring Udaipur was so amazing.

Memorable and Fun Trip

It was Time for the Departure!

After lunch and group photo, it was time for departure and going back to the pavilion. We made so many memories which will make this trip a memorable one and bring a smile on our faces whenever we will think about it.

Memorable and Fun Trip

We left at 3:30 pm from Udaipur for Ahmadabad and had a halt for tea/coffee at 5:30.

On the way to Ahmadabad, we sang songs, pulled each other’s leg and played Antakshri on the top of our voices. The employees dedicated songs to each other based on their personalities. It was so good to see everyone having so much fun and enjoying their trip at best.

We stopped at Hotel Anjali, Himmatnagar Highway, for dinner at 9 pm. For the last meal of the trip, we had delicious Punjabi food and called it a day. We finally reached Ahmadabad after two days of a fantastic trip.

All we can say is, this trip was one of the best trips for the Metizsoft team and a great chance to interact with each other. We are thankful to the whole Metizsoft family for making this trip memorable.

Let’s Look Back at Metizsoft’s Memorable and Fun Trip to Mangarh Resort, Udaipur.

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