Develop Health and Fitness Apps for Improving People’s Lives.

In today’s fast-growing world, health and fitness is a primary concern of most people. Health and fitness is a priority for everyone because if you are not healthy, you will not achieve the things you look forward to. A healthy body leads to a healthy mind, and a healthy mind will generate new and innovative ideas and bring you success.

People always wish they had time to look after themselves and their health. However, because of the busy schedule and lack of time, most of us cannot regularly check on our health.

In this technologically-advanced era, there is a mobile app for everything. It has made our lives simpler and even smarter. The advent of the smartphone has completely changed the way we live our lives.

However, we also blame mobile phones for problems like obesity in children and other health problems.

Not every app on your phone causes harm; some very useful apps make your lives more comfortable and even healthier. You might be thinking, how does a mobile app make your life healthier right? Well, we will tell you how.


Recently, the trend of innovative health and fitness apps has gained substantial momentum because of its several features that you can’t just ignore.

The health and fitness apps are beneficial for all the fitness freaks that don’t have time to go to the gym and exercise often because of their busy schedule.

Digital fitness scale apps have easy functionalities and features that help people exercise regularly and look after their health.

Health and Fitness Mobile App

What is Health and Fitness App Development?

These days, there’s a mobile app for almost everything, so why should fitness be left behind? Health and fitness apps have taken a step ahead in bridging the gap by providing interactive and creative solutions to health-related problems.

Custom health and fitness tracking app development

Many eCommerce development companies provide custom app development services for developing digital fitness scale apps for peoples who are dedicated to looking after their health and fitness regularly.

There has been a tremendous increase in the demand for health and fitness apps in the last few years since many people look forward to having an app that will digitally help them to keep a check on their health and improve their lifestyle with innovative interaction.

Innovative Apps for Health Kit and Google Fit

The innovation in the development of fitness apps has taken a step forward by surpassing people’s lifestyle quotient. Mobiles apps also provide comprehensive healthcare and medical solutions for patients to improve their health while keeping track of their health and daily progress.

When it comes to developing innovative mobile apps for health and fitness, there is no limit. The medical and healthcare apps provide outstanding services digitally, which can better human lives and save time.

This is all made possible by integrating operating systems with its platform and framework- Google fir Android and Health kit for iOS. These two are famous as the best health and fitness apps among Android and iOS users.

What are the Types of Fitness Apps?

There isn’t just one type of fitness app. To create a fitness app, you need first to choose its type. Fitness apps provide unique and high-quality features such as result tracking, socializing and even educating the users about health-related problems.

Having a mobile app for fitness that takes care of your health and helps you in living a healthy life is like having your coach with you all the time.

Activity Tracking Apps

Activity Tracking Apps

These types of mobile apps are used to track the physical activity a user does in a day. These apps track all the user’s physical activities such as the steps taken, stairs climbed, sleeping hours, running, and calories burned.

These apps show the data to the user on their screen, and the app also builds charts, saves routes on the map and offers the user’s progress. The market nowadays has come up with wearable technology such as smartwatches and applications developed for the same.

Health kit is one such app which tracks the physical activity of the user’s such as-

  • Body measurements/ weight history
  • Number of steps are taken/ distance travelled
  • It calculates the calories burned
  • Calculates the exercise duration and timing

Here are the top features an activity tracking app provides-

  • It gathers first-hand information from the real-world through human interactions and works as a fitness planner.
  • The app monitors and tracks the fitness-related metrics of the users.
  • The apps track the users’ physical activity, and the data computation helps in gauging the results yielded from the activity.

Diet and Nutrition Apps

Diet and Nutrition Apps

Diet and nutrition apps monitor the users’ diet and their food habits to make sure they eat healthy food. There is a vast range of diet applications that the users can use to set their personal goals, create grocery lists, and collect diet recipes.

Diet and nutrition apps are also considered activity tracking apps as they also track your nutrition habits.

One example of these apps is MyFitnessPal which offers several features and functions to keep a person fit and fine. Another example of such an apps is the Diet tracker.

A nutrition and diet tracking app should provide the users with detailed daily stats to remain updated about their diet and health regularly.

Here are the features of diet and nutrition apps-

  • It accumulates the food intake of the users.
  • Users can segregate food intake based on dietary value.
  • Users can keep a check on the intake of fat, calories, proteins, fibres etc., in their diet.
  • These apps also provide recipes to achieve target weight loss.

Bodybuilding, Gym and Workout Apps

Bodybuilding, Gym and Workout Apps

A workout or bodybuilding application gives you a personal coach or trainer on your smartphone. You can take it with you and exercise with the trainer anywhere anytime you want. You can also choose a coach by name and level of physical training.

It’s like having a coach with you all the time, but the only difference is that the coach is digitally available.

One example of such an apps is Sworkit. This app offers various features to the users to build up their physique and get fit with regular exercise and training.

With these workout apps’ help, users can also choose which part of the body they want to work out on. The apps include workout options like upper body, lower body, core strength, custom workout etc.

These workout apps are great for those who don’t get enough time to go to the gym to exercise. Exercising and training are now relatively easy with these apps.

These workout apps have several features which let the users get in shape and stay fit.

Some of the top features of gym and workout apps are-

  • Timer option to choose the length of time to perform the exercise.
  • Social sharing lets users share the app with others.
  • Workout activity apps track the data input based on exercise, counts, cardio rate, stamina, etc.

These were the three most popular and best health and fitness apps that help millions of users stay fit and healthy, improving their lifestyle and day-to-day life.

healthcare and fitness app

How to Create an Innovative Healthcare and Fitness App?

You may have this question in your mind for a long. If you want to turn your fitness business idea about a fitness app into a reality, these are the steps with which you can create your own fitness app successfully.

Choose the type of app you want

The first step in building a digital healthcare app is to figure out what type of fitness and healthcare app you want to develop. There are primarily three types of health and fitness apps, as we discussed above. Choose the one as per your business idea and get the work started.

Consider the features you want in the app

In fitness app development, one has to take care of several things, and one of them is the features of the app. While each fitness app has a unique set of features, some basic features are present in all healthcare and fitness apps.

Here are those essential features that every fitness app must have-

  • User profiles to help users achieve their goals
  • In-app notifications to remind the users about their workouts and motivate them to exercise regularly and stay fit.
  • Connecting the app to the smartphone’s sensor to implement the tracking function such as Apple’s health kit and Android’s Google fit.
  • Social sharing of the app so that the users can share the app with their friends and family.

Hire a mobile app development company

To develop any health and fitness app, you have to hire a mobile app development company to help you create the app you desire. A trustworthy company can help you turn your idea into reality. Hire mobile app developers who have the required experience and skills for the best services.

Technical documentation

When making a fitness app’s technical documentation, a technical writer prepares the product’s technical specifications based on the client’s requirements. It includes use cases, platforms for building the app, and other important information required to make the app.

Design of the app

This is one of the essential steps in app development. Giving an attractive look to the app is essential for attracting customers to the app. The designers should focus on creating an outstanding design for the fitness app. The cost of creating the design of a fitness app depends on the requirements and features of the app.

Application development

Now comes the essential step- fitness app development. You should hire developer who understands your needs and work upon them with full dedication. The android app development company you hire provides custom development services to meet your unique app development needs.

Quality assurance and the launch of the app

The final step before launching the app is testing and fixing the bugs. Besides checking the codes for bugs, engineers test the app’s overall functioning for quality assurance and check if the features of the app work as they are expected to. Only after the testing and quality assurance, the app is launched to be downloaded by the users.

Cost to Develop Fitness Apps

How much does Developing a Fitness App Cost?

Since everyone’s requirements are unique, it’s difficult to give an accurate price for developing a digital fitness app. Basically, the cost of building an app depends on the type of the app, the client’s requirements, features and the app’s complexity.

Different app development companies charge differently, and therefore, it’s essential to watch out for all the factors before hiring an app development company for building a mobile fitness app.

Hire a Mobile App Development Company for Fitness App Development.

Suppose you are planning to take your idea of creating a digital fitness scale app forward and are looking for an app development company that can help you with developing high quality and feature-rich app.

In that case, Metizsoft Solutions might be the right choice for you. We offer custom mobile app development services and build engaging and robust mobile apps for healthcare and fitness.

You can always approach us to discuss your app idea, and our team will be there to assist you and build an excellent app for you. Reach out to us today.

Develop Health and Fitness Apps for Improving People’s Lives.

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