What are The Ways to Improve Your AngularJS Web Development Performance?

AngularJS has become quite popular in recent years. It is a versatile framework that can be used to build any type of web application. Some of the widely used apps built on AngularJS are Netflix, youtube, PayPal, Gmail, and Guardian. AngularJS is one of the most widely used frameworks these days, and its popularity is continuously rising after the arrival of its most-awaited AngularJS 4.0 version. Although Angular is known for its unique features and functionality, it faces several issues that affect its performance.

We will talk about some of the most effective approaches to improve the overall AngularJS web development performance. These approaches will bring outstanding results and improve the overall functioning of the AngularJS web development.

So, let us begin with the top approaches.

  • Using Native Javascript or Lodash

Lodash boosts your application performance by re-writing some of the basic logic instead of relying on inbuilt AngularJS methods. Build-in Angular methods mostly account for generic use cases. If Lodash is not there in your application, you would have to re-write everything in native Javascript.

  • Minimize the DOM access

Accessing the DOM very frequently can get expensive, so you should keep your DOM trees small. You should avoid using DOM if you can help it. You should also avoid setting any inline style to avoid JavaScript reflow.

  • Minimize watchers

AngularJS revolves around its digest cycle, and whenever a digest cycle is triggered, it loops over every binding to detect model changes. The time taken in each digest cycle can be reduced by reducing the number of watchers. Thus, you can use this approach for better performance of the AngularJS web app.

  • Ng-if is better than ng-show

The ng-show detective toggles the CSS display property on a particular element, whereas the ng-if removes the element from DOM and re-creates it. Thus, for better performance of AngularJS web development, it is advisable to use ng-if instead of ng-show.

  • Use console.time

You can use console.time for debugging issues in AngularJS web development. If your application is facing any debugging issues and affecting the overall performance, then you can use console.time which is an excellent API for debugging.

  • Use bundling and minification

Bundling and minifying the website scripts and stylesheets reduce the page load time. For bundling and minification of the code at the time of deployment, you can use multiple task runners like gulp and grunt.

These are some of the ways/approaches to improve your AngularJS web app development. Web development keeps changing rapidly due to many new and updated Javascript frameworks. You need to keep looking for approaches to keep your web app updated and running smoothly. To get maximum benefits, you need to keep optimizing performance regularly, and the approaches mentioned above can help you with it.

How can Metizsoft Solutions Help?

Metizsoft Solutions can help you develop a highly functional and robust AngularJS web app that runs smoothly and fulfills your business needs. We help you with the right approaches to improve your app’s performance and guide you with the best techniques.

For your next AngularJS project, feel free to reach out to us. We can help you develop a powerful app or transform your already existing web app and help you grow your business in the industry.

What are The Ways to Improve Your AngularJS Web Development Performance?

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