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The Android 10 is finally here! Here’s all you need to know about it

After a lot of wait and excitement, Google has finally released Android 10. It was previously known as Android Q, the new update has come with a host of improvements improves the performance of your phone and let you use your phone better. Android 10 also claims to come up with a number of tools to improve the safety and privacy of your phone.

The new update has a lot of new features and functionalities that give you more control over your phone. In the last few months, there has been endless speculation regarding the Android Q’s name but Google simply named it Android 10 instead of some tasty dessert name just like all the previous Android updates.

This new update of android supports a lot of new features powered by machine learning and will support all new technologies such as foldable and 5G.

We will discuss some of the top features that the new update has come up with. So let us begin!

  • Security and Privacy

As we are progressing in technology, cybercrime is becoming quite popular too. Google is ensuring that the users have greater control over their data when they share it on the various apps on their phones. The new update has a feature which lets you choose how and when they want to share their location information with an app when they are using it. The new update also comes with an app permission manager, location history, etc.

  • System-wide Dark Mode

Google has added a dark mode in this new update. This dark mode can be enabled at all times or on scheduled times and can be turned on and off at any time. You can enable this option on your entire phone or specific apps such Calendar, photos, notes, etc. the dark mode is for the safety of your eyes after continuous use and saves your phone’s battery as well.

  • Sound Amplifier

In Android 10, the sound amplifier feature is there. This feature allows the users to adjust sound settings even in a noisy environment. With this app, users can make a lot of changes in the music. The users can boost sound; fine-tune the audio of their phones to get the best listening experience.

  • Focus Mode

Google now allows you to focus on what’s in for you. Focus mode is in Beta mode for now and enables you to select apps and pause them. The focus mode will enable you to turn off a distracting app and lets you focus on what’s more important.

  • Location Control

Now the Android users have the flexibility and greater control over how and when they want to share their location with the apps on their phones. The users can choose among the three options- always, never or when the app is in the use. It gives users the flexibility to choose as they want.

  • Live Caption Feature

Android 10 came with a feature called “Live caption” which provides the real-time captions for just about anything on your phone where someone is talking. The best part about this feature is that it happens locally on the device. The best part is there is no internet required.

  • Improved Share Menu

Android’s share menu is not up to the mark until now. No matter which phone you are using, it’s constantly slow to open and that’s very frustrating.

Thankfully, Android 10 has come up with the solution of this. Android 20 also introduces something called “sharing shortcuts” that allows the developers to create a new option in the share menu that will enable them to share a file/photo etc.

  • New Themes Introduced

Android 10 has introduced new themes to give your phone a new and attractive look. We all get bored with a few themes and want something new. With Android 10, Google is giving users more ways to play with the look of your device.

In Android 10, there is a new theme section from where you can change your phone’s accent color. Now you can give a new look by trying out different colors for the background.


These are some of the Android 10 features that we think we’re the best features of this new update. Apart from these, Android 10 also introduces 65 new emojis, including 65 gender-inclusive emojis, now that’s something to appreciate.

Android never fails to surprise with its every new update and it didn’t fail to impress with the Android 10 as well. With every update, new functions and features are introduced which take the technology and advancement to one higher level.

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The Android 10 is finally here! Here’s all you need to know about it

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