How Bright Does The Future of IoT Look Like?

Internet of Things, we can easily say, is a revolution in making; and it’s going to be one revolution that we all reckon by.

It’s a concept fast gaining popularity amongst people from not just the technologically inclined people, but just about everyone.

Any industry that uses technology, maybe not as its very basis, but as a means to get things done, is looking forward to a future that the Internet of Things is shaping up for it.

There’s no doubt that the Internet of Things has awesome things in store for our world. But just how awesome would it be.

Let’s see.

  • Smart homes, Smarter Cities

If anything, people are definitely looking at the concept of smarter homes coming to fruition in the near future.

Almost every IoT application development company is today aiming to build devices that are well connected to one another, complete with central hubs and voice assistants, turning every home space technologically more intelligent.

IoT for Smart Homes

Similarly, our cities are also being aimed at having a better technologically equipped transportation system, complete with inter-connected sensors to help streamline the traffic.

The Internet of things development is also expected to take us towards a future that sees better monitored and controlled lighting, pollution, power plants, and so on.

  • Smarter Healthcare

Healthcare is looking for a future that allows for an at-home health monitoring that is as good as a clinical health monitoring through connected sensors, a vastly better communication, and even well-connected wearables.

Smarter Healthcare

We are about to embrace a future where the healthcare landscape is an ever-improving one, where your doctor will get your blood pressure update without having to be present near you, or your sleep pattern could be relayed back to and tracked by your physician in real-time, or your EEG and ECG devices, your blood glucose and other vital sign checking devices would be connected and well-monitored over the Internet.

  • Smart Manufacturing and Retail

We are looking ahead at a time when the Internet of Things will be changing the world of manufacturing and retail for the better.

With every process connected to every other process, we can expect a cost-effective, speedy, and a better-monitored production and supply system, in addition to a more efficient customer relationship.

IoT for Smart Manufacturing and Retail

We can expect IoT app developers to provide us with an enhanced consumer experience through digital payments, online wallets, mobile Point of Sale, etc.

  • Sophisticated Security

As technology advances, so do the possibility of having certain problems too; and the biggest problem that we face in today’s world is that of security.

With people getting too acquainted with the concept of the Internet of things, cybersecurity becomes a legit problem that we’re on the verge of facing on a very large scale.

IoT security

People spend much of their time on the Internet and give out so much information about themselves – both personal and not-so-personal to websites and apps and whatnot, which eventually reaches people who they know nothing about.

IoT, therefore, is taking huge strides in making no security challenge go unattended. The virtual, as well as physical protection of electronic devices, is a concept being taken extremely seriously.

The fear is that so many of our devices and processes that we use are too simple in their make, and might not be too compatible with more sophisticated security approaches.

The Future of IoT

The future of IoT, therefore, points towards a sleuth of more technologically adept devices as well as platforms that can handle the security risks that come hand-in-hand with the rapid advancement of IoT.

How Bright Does The Future of IoT Look Like?

Chetan Patel

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