Here’s the Shopify checklist before the Black Friday Cyber Monday Sale begins!

As we know, the BFCM sale is approaching, and all the businessmen are quite excited about it. It’s time to check if you are ready for the sale. It’s time to make sure that you have prepared well before the sale begins. This BFCM sale 2021 is the biggest sale of the year, and a lot of shoppers wait for this sale throughout the year, so don’t miss the chance to make money with your eCommerce business.

Shopify brought more than one million sales during the BFCM sale last year, and similarly, this year is going to be the same. Without wasting much time, you must look into the small things and work on it to increase your sales this year.

If you want to hit the jackpot during the upcoming shopping weekend, you’d better start forging right now.

So, here are the most important things/tips to keep in mind before the sale begins.

Read on to know what all you need to focus on and how to improve it for the most profitable BFCM sale in 2021

1. Mobile-First is the Right Strategy

Mobile-first is the right strategy for the BFCM sale. Mobile phones have become a part of everyone’s lives as more and more people are using mobile phones these days. People shop the most on their mobile phones, and it’s going to be the same in the BFCM sale 2021 as well.

think mobile first

There is going to be more mobile shopping than desktop shopping, and therefore, to get the most profit, mobile-first is the strategy the business owners should go for.

2. Assess your Checkout Experience

Accessing your checkout experience matters the most for the overall profit of your business. You have worked hard to attract the customers, but if the customers leave your site without making a purchase, all your efforts will go in vain. Your eCommerce store’s success depends on how many sales you drive, not on how many people are visiting your store.

2. Assess your checkout experience

Thus, if you can boost your checkout completion rate by even five or ten percent, you can make a notable difference in your store’s overall sales. Make your checkout as simple as possible

3. Test your Site and Get Feedback

Testing your site before the sale is going to be hugely helpful. Test your site and get feedback before the sale to know what is lacking in the site. Get feedback from the customers about your site to ensure that the site is ready for sale.

get feedback

If your site isn’t prepared and has issues, it will affect the sales during the BFCM sale. So, it’s better to test your site in advance and resolve if there are any issues.

4. Make Sure to Provide Prompt and Personal Support

Shoppers feel satisfied and happy with the purchase if they are provided prompt and personal support by the customer support team. BFCM is a hectic time for both the shoppers and the merchants.

If you want to get more profit, it is necessary to keep a quick support time and provide polite customer service. The support team should resolve the queries of the buyers and contribute to a more friendly service without making ignoring them.

personal support

Remember to treat your customers with respect, as doing this will satisfy the customers and bring them back to your store again.

5. Create a Hype among the Customers for the Sale

Create some noise about the sale before the sale begins. Create excitement among the customers by sending them emails about the sale, the offers and deals you will offer, and post previews in your social media accounts.

Create a hype

The more you create excitement among the customers, the more they will look forward to your store during the sale. The sooner you start the enticements, and the more excited your customers will get before the BFCM sale.

6. Ensure that your Website can handle the Increase in Traffic

During the sale season, such as BFCM, there will be an increase in the traffic your store gets. To tackle the rise in traffic, marketing analytics is a useful tool, but you may still need an optional user-tracing instrument.

lead website traffic

This tool will bring together all the details during the Black Friday Cyber Monday sale. The Shopify app stores offer applications and other analytical tools that you can use to handle the increase in traffic.

7. Prepare a Plan in case of an Emergency

Make sure to have a plan in case anything goes wrong during the BFCM sale. You should be ready for the worst-case scenario and create a plan for the emergency. Since it’s a BFCM sale, you can’t afford loopholes in anything. To make the most out of this sale, create a plan in advance. When you have a plan, everything becomes much more accessible and under control, and you can resolve the issues (if you come across any)

These were some of the final tips that you need to check before the sale begins. Make sure you are well prepared and ready to conquer the BFCM sale 2021. We hope this final checklist turns out to help you make this year’s sale a memorable one for you.

It’s high time to ensure that you are ready for the sale, so prepare well and make this sale memorable. All the best to all the store owners out there have a fantastic BFCM sale 2021.

Here’s the Shopify checklist before the Black Friday Cyber Monday Sale begins!

Sweety Christian

Sweety Christian is Sr. Business Development Executive at Metizsoft Solutions, and assisting merchants to grow with the power of eCommerce. Sweety more focus on e-commerce and in particular the Shopify platform, helping merchants design, build and grow high-converting online stores. Simply, she is eCommerce lover!

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