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Top 10 Agile Project Management Tools and Software in 2022!

To all the project coordinators and managers out there, we know how challenging it is for you to streamline the project development work, ensuring quick, on-time deliverables in an ever-growing era of digital marketplace and organization.

It not only tests your leadership and team management skill but also puts you in a place where you have to think out of the line to keep the competitive edge amongst your competitors globally.

However, integrating an Agile methodology into your project development for a smooth and flexible project development procedure is always a wise and reliable option.

But, as technology advances toward quick changes and updates, choosing the best Agile project management tools out of many possibilities is arguably

So to help you pick the best tools for Agile project management, here’s our selective approach to the top 10 Agile management tools for your consideration.

But, before jumping straight into the list, let’s give you a closure insight into some basic questionnaires such as:

What is Agile Methodology?

If you split the word and search for a specific meaning, Agile refers to the “Quick and Easy” process, and Methodology refers to various methods used in particular areas such as study, work, etc.

So combining both, we can conclude that the Agile Methodology refers to the quick and easy methods of doing and managing things in a fast-forward and proactive environment.

In the last couple of years, the Agile Methodology has been highly adopted by various organizations worldwide to improve their overall software development process.

Using an Agile project development tool has helped project managers divide the whole project into smaller chunks called Sprints and attach them to various teams for quick and efficient deliverables.

The primary goal of using Agile is to bring flexibility to the team to improve their productivity, communication, and collaboration, adapt to quick changes and assure desirable results in due time.

Why Agile Methodology?

The term “why” consists of a straightforward answer – to ease the project management process by minimizing the cost, time and effort of everyone who is aligned with the project.

Compared to any traditional or standard project management procedure, Agile methodologies help in:

  • Fasten the overall project deveelopment procedure
  • Ensure regular and seamless communication, not only with team members but with clients, for better project understanding.
  • To better control the project, from start to testing and final submission.
  • Improves the Trust among team members and clients

Benefits of Agile Management Software

Irrespective of the size of the project, working on a software development means dealing with lots of frequent changes, bug fixing, APIs integration, testing and many more.

However, active access to Agile management software is the best option to deal with these areas as it offers numerous benefits, such as:

  • Improves your focus on your customer’s primary needs and act accordingly
  • Increased your approach and adaptability to last-minute change.
  • Detects issues faster and eliminates the rework risk.
  • Optimize the project development process by providing relevant and latest project metrics.
  • Increase your work frequency, team communication and customer collaboration.
  • Increase your project development success ratio by enabling on-time submission

10 Best Agile Project Management Tools!


When you plan to enable a project management tool in your organization, effective communication and work efficiency are the two main criteria you pay close attention to. In that case, Wrike is an ideal solution for you.

A perfect project management software for mid and large-sized project management.

It helps you centralize and connect multiple projects simultaneously without hampering your smooth team collaboration. You can easily set up your project and start working immediately after instaling it.


Smartsheet is another name that has the best Agile project management tools tag in its name.

It comes with a bundle of advanced features such as operation management, tracking marketing campaigns, and planning events that significantly help automate the workflows, manage tasks and facilitate team collaboration in real-time on ongoing projects.

Moreover, you will get access to track your project development budget, manage multiple departments, and schedule and timeline with appropriate charts and boards in the most advanced manner.

SpiraTeam by Inflectra

SpiraTeam is an all-in-one Agile management software designed to manage large teams and complex projects in modulated industries.

In SpairaTeam, you will get access to features like Audit trails, document management, complete dashboards with Gantt charts and role-specific views for each project.

Above all, it offers a bird’s-view of requirements, test cases, incidents, etc., which business analysts can use to conduct an appropriate section of their project application.

JIRA by Atlassian

If you are finding difficulties in getting over regular bug trafficking and fixing, Jira is highly recommended and a must-have project management tool.

Regardless of our project and team size, you can easily customize the Jira dashboard according to your project requirements.

Some of the primary features Jira offers are capturing, assigning, and setting priorities to do work efficiently.

Most importantly, you will get over 100 add-ons and feature-rich APIs, which will help you minimize your effort while maximizing project deliverables.


DailyScrum is designed and developed by SCRUM masters and project managers.

Similar to many Agile management tools, it offers features like release project planning, project forecasting, sprint control, project control, system integration and many more.

It prioritizes project planning and tracking so that issues can get highlighted early and the team start working on the solution immediately.


Binfire is known for its easy-to-use communication and collaboration tools offerings. Using Binfire, you can easily manage and control your remote team virtually.

The high-end features include milestones, tasks, to-do lists, online file storage, virtual whiteboard, project management, etc.


Project management is a daunting task. However, since its release, Hitask has managed to ease the project management process faster.

Hitask is the best Agile project management tool option if you want smooth and flexible to-do list management, project management, team collaboration and communication.

You can use Hitask on your device, as Android and iOS versions are available.


Basecamp is a two-in-one project management tool that serves as project management software and collaboration tools.

It is well-compatible with desktop and mobile devices, giving users an easy management solution option.

Basecamp can help you comprehensively promote quality teamwork, simple task management, seamless file sharing, real-time team communication, and task reporting without hassle.


Taiga is an open-source project management tool widely used in small and mid-capped organizations.

It is a highly reliable Agile management software that developers, designers and project managers use to streamline team and client collaboration, reporting, development time tracking, and task management.

The best offerings of Taiga include its integration with Webhooks, GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket and Gogs.


Asana belongs to the cloud-based Agile project management software category.

Asana has all the essential features a project manager could ask for, such as track launches and iterations, project and sprint plans tools and real-time communication with teammates and clients.

It is entirely secure and safe for Asna while working on multiple projects as encrypted data and files highly secure its cloud storage.


Due to the increasing demand for web and app development, software development companies find it challenging to cope with their team and client smooth and efficiently.

As a result, Agile management tools have emerged as a primary solution for them.

Implementing tools for Agile project management has helped them cut their project development cost, time and effort and ensure result-oriented possibilities in due time.

If you plan to implement Agile project management software in your organization, you can choose from the list above. In case of any support or guidance, you can contact Metizsoft Solutions officials directly for a consultation.

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