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The Things You Probably Didn’t Know You Need to Fix On Your WordPress Website!

So you’re building a new website for your business and spending day and night with your CMS development company to develop the best user-friendly website that appeals to you and your visitors.

But guess what?

You’re still missing out on many small yet important details on your website. These small mistakes are bigger than you think! And they can actually make a big impact, which is why it needs to be fixed right away!

The following are the most common 5 mistakes that you need to address right away on your WordPress website.

  • The Company Details Displayed On Your Web Pages Are All Wrong

The format of company details including business phone number as well as office address actually matters a lot. Therefore, it should be consistent in all web pages. Additionally, add your company details in all review sites and other directories.

Your company phone number must be consistent too. And most importantly, remember that your phone number should be in a format that has an area code separated with (-) sign and supports click-to-call mobile technology.

  • You’re Not Nailing With Social Media

Most of the successful bloggers and website owners know that sharing content is highly important. However, to gain a huge amount of followers and share content with hundreds of people, you must install easy-to-accessible social sharing tools on your blog.

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It is highly recommended to link your company’s social pages with social logos so that your followers can easily engage. Such social sharing tools provide your readers with a way to quickly share your blog content on social platforms with a quick tweet or a Facebook post.

However, while setting up the social sharing plugins/tools, ensure to check all settings, instead of leaving the default option. This might result in no mention of your twitter handle in the message.

  • You Still Have “Home” in Your Homepage Title

When using a CMS (content management system), they basically auto-generate the titles of web pages. But you should not leave it as it is, because meta titles should be unique and contain relevant keywords. This means, your meta title should be unique from other websites, and also unique from page to page within your own website.

For instance, “” is not a good title. It’s highly uninteresting and mostly it will be viewed as duplicate content. So, use SEO tools available in the market such as Yoast for WordPress websites and craft relative meta titles and description tags for your website.

  • Contact Us Page On Your Website is Hard to Locate

It is common that everybody nowadays wants to design a unique website to stand out from the crowd, but hold your horses, please!

You should always add a link to your Contact Us page on the main menu because it’s a useful and most natural thing to your visitors. And since people today have short patience, you need to make sure that the Contact Us page is right there in front of their eyes.

In case you do business over the phone, then make your contact number visible. Add it on a homepage, landing pages as well as in each web page header, and not in just your Contact Us page.

Lastly, test all of your contact forms multiple times to ensure that they’re working properly. Also, make sure that the generated leads are being passed to the right people of your organization.

  • Stop Duplicating Content On Social Platforms (Mostly LinkedIn)

The reason behind this is because Google likes to see educational, informational, and unique content. And if Google finds out the same exact article on 2 or more different websites, it basically leads to a decrease in the SEO value and affects your rankings.

Duplicate content is created in different forms including a short piece of data. But the ultimate mistake that must be taken care of is not to copy the entire article and share it on LinkedIn or other social platforms.

And by all means, you can share your content, but wisely! You can definitely share a link on LinkedIn or Twitter to promote your blog article. Therefore, write some catchy captions and attach the link at the end of the post on social platforms.

In the case of LinkedIn, best you can do is, you can newly write a unique article on a similar topic, which is proved to be still a great marketing tool to spread your expertise.


All in all, these are the top 5 easy-to-make mistakes that you should avoid while developing your WordPress Website. By doing so, your website will be improved and you’ll gain a good amount of SEO value, without having to lose the uniqueness of your website.

The Things You Probably Didn’t Know You Need to Fix On Your WordPress Website!

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