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How Swift Wins Over Objective-C for iPhone Application Development?

Web & Mobile applications have completely redefined the meaning of ‘Convenience/Comfort’. The iPhone Application is progressively playing a crucial role in business with a wide customer base as now workforce demands and rely on the convenience of access for different services, solutions, and information.

Time to focus the lights on a few facts

  • We are investing a lot of digital time in cell phones
  • Time spent every day on cell phones has raised to 575% in three years
  • 80% of the time spent on cell phones is spent utilizing applications

Now when we look back in 2007, the rise of the iPhone completely transformed the mobile industry realm.

Obviously, the different and outstanding approach will make its space in this competitive world.

Let’s consider a few stats to understand how iPhone ruled the smartphone industry

  • iPhone procures overall 94% of whole smartphone industry profits
  • The brilliant proficiency and seamless performance of iPhone urge individuals to spend a minimum of $35 on apps yearly

When we look upon history, for years Objective-C was the essential programming language utilized for making OSX and iOS applications.

Fundamentally, the Objective-C is a superset of C equipped with some awesome object-oriented features and a dynamic runtime.

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In the innovation context, Apple in 2014, brought Swift into the market which was portrayed as “Objective-C without C”

  • Explore Swift

Swift the high-end programming language is fast, modern, secure and empowers a level of excellence in development.

It is a language especially developed for making efficient iOS mobile app Development and thus stands out as the first choice for anyone looking for iPhone app development service.

Swift combines features of both languages, i.e. C and Objective-C. With the help of Cocoa Touch, Swift transforms the way mobile apps excellence is considered for Apple products.

However, still knocking your grey cells why shift and why not Objective-C? We have enlightened the difference below.

  • Open Source

Wow! It’s open source! Obviously, it means Swift is extremely cost-effective for startups and other well-developed businesses.

Startups and a limited budget walk hand in hand and so to your solution Swift has come into existence.

One of the most crucial aspects of Swift is its support of an open-source community.

The problem with Objective-C was it was just monopolized native apps development, but fortunately Swift broke the monopoly with a change.

  • Fast and Powerful

Swift came into existence to be quick just like its name says and additionally provide elite performance.

As a commendable successor to both C and Objective C, Swift incorporates low-level primitives, for example, flow control, object-oriented features and various required operators, giving Cocoa and Cocoa Touch developers the excellence they always dreamt of.

  • The Worthy & Easy Choice For Developers

The powers Swift serves to developers are simply tremendous!

With Swifts help, you can make a new application or start utilizing the existing code to actualize new components and required functionality in your customized application.

Swift doesn’t create any room for errors as it is simple, light and easy to use.

Thus such aspect boosts the productivity of developers, subsequently making your application development less troublesome.

  • Easy to Maintain

It gets annoying when things turn pathetic after years. Swift serves us with the benefits of maintaining and securing easily.

 It produces more secure and safer applications when compared with Objective C.

Likewise, Swift does not have any inheritance code; it is anything but difficult to keep up.

In today’s technology realm, hacking is just right-hand work.

So the safety of applications and important data is of extreme significance with regards to mobile applications.

Security is one aspect that you clearly can’t disregard.

Above mentioned points clearly tells how Swift helps an iPhone Application development company to develop effective iPhone apps.

It is secure, doesn’t break the bank and serves bug-free services, what else you want for your business productivity? Opt Swift for business success in long runs.

How Swift Wins Over Objective-C for iPhone Application Development?

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