Shopify Pursuit in Bangalore – The Cessation

It was a great pleasure to have the opportunity to attend the Shopify Pursuit Bangalore event which was beneficial as they promised.

With the end of all those excitement and curiosity That date, Nov 22, 2018, came and Shopify Pursuit Bangalore began where partners and developers come together to celebrate shared accomplishments, forge new connections, and ignite the future of commerce technology.

The Bangalore event had us on our toes from the first day. Suffice to say, the Metizsoft Shopify Expert team’s experience was incredible.

The presentations, the people, the stories behind the people, and the atmosphere at the event itself energized us to push forward in our mission.

Episode Ahoy

The event took place in ITC Gardenia in Bangalore on November 22-23.

we were in for a ride! We came back buzzing with ideas, having made new friends and experienced how inclusive and supportive this community really is!

This two-day event hosted for the Shopify Community went like a dream

“They turned ideas into action “

Event Time – Shopify Pursuit

On day 1, we explore the “Office Hours” section with the Shopify team. It was fascinating to engage directly with Shopify engineers and marketers in private sessions.

Where we had the chance to exchange ideas, express our concerns, and discuss solutions about several issues throughout the development & business community.

Connecting with the team during breaks was especially helpful in terms of how Shopify grew as a venture.

Masterclass: Inspired to tackle the challenges ahead and Building a well-known agency on Shopify

We had Attended an exclusive half-day master class lead by Mr. GAVIN BALLARD Shopify Partners.

It was a tactile learning session where we took a deep dive and learn proven strategies to grow and scale our business.

Evening Pursuit Meetup

The meetup was started with networking with tech guys. the ambiance was looking awesome with food, drink, and new friends.

It was advantageous Whether you’re looking to break the ice, swap clients, hire a superstar for your agency, or chat with a featured speaker.

An evening meetup helps you get familiar with like-minded partners and meet Shopify Merchants.

Brains And Brawn

The second day kicked off with an awesome presentation by DAVE NEWTON, Sr. Developer Products Lead Shopify, who made the opening keynote, and then TONY BUI Founder from Seller Smith followed suit and spoke about finding one’s ‘niche’ on customer insights.

SHASHANK KUMAR Founder from PushOwl presented on how to grow your app into a product company.

His take on the matter was indispensable as it presented us with actionable solutions on how to keep Shopify regulated, systematic, and cost-effective.

Companies such as Shogun, Marmeto, Webdesigner, Parkhyasolutions, and other successful companies sparked some awesome conversation talks.

In A Nutshell

At the core of our organization, is a drive to our best to cater to our customer’s complex demands.

Checking out conferences like the Shopify Pursuit in Bangalore allows us to grow and gain insight and perspective from influential people in the industry.

The buck doesn’t stop here though. We will tweak innovative ideas we are introduced to on these trips, leverage this information, and customize it to provide cutting-edge solutions to our customer base.

Our goal is to continue to evolve and to establish ourselves in geographically disparate markets, including areas that are unfamiliar with Shopify.

After all, it all starts with the big leap forward.

Shopify Pursuit in Bangalore – The Cessation

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