Key Feature & Update Highlights of Shopify Editions 2022 – Connect to Consumer!

In a technological advancement and rapidly growing digital marketplace, consumers have enormous shopping options.

However, brands that successfully met their shopping requirements and created a strong bond have the upper hand in ruling the market in the long term.

Keeping in mind this mantra, Shopify has made it easy for eCommerce owners to create, build and scale their stores globally using its tools, features, functionality and products.

Since it arrived in the global eCommerce market in 2006, Shopify has been unstoppable in terms of feature-rich offerings.

Lately, it has gone through many updates and changes, which have turned many Shopify stores upside-down in the best possible ways. But, sometimes, it’s hard to look into every update in detail.

However, in its latest release, Shopify Editions – we will help you gather all the vital information about some of the essential releases to help you better optimize your Shopify store.

Shopify Edition – Now with more extended context, content and features

It’s not the first time Shopify has announced the release of its new Edition. Once or sometimes twice a year, it comes with essential updates and necessary changes to help merchants optimize their sites to the latest technological advancements.

The summer 2022 Shopify Edition has brought 100+ new features, and product updates, ensuring all size and category merchants benefit directly from the newly added toolkit, functionalities, and configuration to meet the current market requirements.

In a press release, Tobi Lütke, founder and CEO of Shopify, stated that:

“We work hard to solve the complex challenges merchants face today while imagining entirely new ways for them to grow their businesses. With Shopify Editions, we’re sharing our big bets and latest innovations in commerce so those ambitious enough to try their hand at entrepreneurship can start and scale faster than ever before.”

This time, the new Editions Shopify Theme has received the highest priority compared to previous editions, making it more relevant to the current eCommerce market scenario.

Innovative Ways to Connect to Consumers

The eCommerce business has recently touched a new pinnacle of success due to global digitalization. We all have witnessed this fact during the Covid-19 outbreak, where the demand for eCommerce is at its peak along with the healthcare industry.

This increasing demand for eCommerce has led eCommerce development platforms to deal with many challenges, including store set-up, customer engagement, secure payment checkouts and hassle-free shipping.

However, brands like Shopify are constantly working on developments and improvements of new features and functionalities such as Edition Shopify Theme Customization to ensure a more personalized experience for merchants and consumers in the most advanced manner.

In contrast, it has started to pay more attention to a long-term relationship with consumers to maintain a strong bond for a more extended period, assuring business stability.

That’s why, in its latest Edition Connect to Consumer (C2C), Shopify has announced a bundle of updates and changes in features to help merchants maintain that relationship in the best possible ways.

Here is a complete insight into those updates and changes that will help you enhance your customer engagement and improve your store’s performance.

Upgraded Developer Tools


Keeping in mind the demand and usage of the platform, we have simplified an app’s writing and pushing method in our CLI.

The partner dashboard will also show an updated navigation system and App distribution process.

Apart from this, we have added new templates and a sample app to fasten the development process.

Fixed App Improvements 

Considering the latest updates and requirements, we ensure massive improvements to the app, giving it a look, feel and performance like Shopify apps.

App loading speed has also increased to two times faster than on mobile devices. Their navigation can be integrated into the Shopify admin, allowing them to leverage full-screen mode to showcase advanced functionality.

Data Protection

We have made essential changes in the data protection segments to help you build apps more safely and securely.

In the latest API release, the APIs will redact customer personal data by default, ensuring you the necessary access to customer personal data throughout the life of your app.

These crucial changes enable your app to support businesses’ compliance with optimal privacy and data protection rules.

Know what’s new in the latest Shopify product release?

Here are the highlights of the features updates and products addition which you must consider to enhance your business in C2C segments:

Shopify Hydrogen & Shopify Oxygen

This is one of the significant updates that most merchants and the Shopify experts community have eagerly awaited since their announcements.

The Shopify Hydrogen was designed by combining React and JavaScript as a framework that will help build quick storefronts by integrating pre-built templates, themes and Shopify’s APIs.

Once you finish with storefront design, you can directly host that using Shopify Oxygen, ensuring fast and reliable hosting in 100 servers.

Shopify Captial

Now, getting funds for your business has become quick with Shopify Capital. The new Shopify capital has increased the funding for first-time borrowers to help them invest in their businesses and grow exponentially.

Shopify Cash

Shopify has introduced a new checkout option, Shopify cash. By using its Shop Cash Boots, you can create new offers and gift cards for your existing customers and the new targetted customers.

Buyers using Shopify Cash will benefit from this checkout system and add a decent amount to their wallet on each shop pay purchase.

Shopify Dovetale

Dovetale is designed to give merchants access to various creators to develop good business relationships and level up with their affiliate program.

Finding and meeting set-up with influencers and affiliate programmers has become easy.


Linkpop is a free link bio tool designed for eCommerce merchants, increasing their chance to turn their followers into customers through their social bio with Linkpop. The Linkpop is powered by Shopify’s quick and reliable checkout segment.

Twitter sales & Shopping

Retailers now have the advantage of listing their products directly on their Twitter profiles. It is an in-demand step as retailers can access millions of customers globally through a single and direct channel and sell their products.

Token Gated Commerce

The addition of token gated commerce indicates Shopify’s link to the NFT market to the online store, allowing merchants to leverage the eCommerce experience gated by tokens.

Shopify Market

A newly updated Shopify market will help you simplifies your product’s international selling by enriching the global market, customization of buying for local customers and easy business optimization – all from your Shopify Admin page.

Shop Pay Enhancements

The new shop pay consists of Shopify Protect, Shopify Payments expansion into new countries, and Shop Pay Installments Adaptive Checkout.

These options protect merchants from fraudulent chargebacks by including a buy-now-pay-later solution, period.

Customer Engagement Tool

With the new Shopify email customization tool, you will never miss a chance to connect with your valuable customers. Now, you can automate your emails, create groups, ensure direct inbox chatting and many more with minimal cost.


The Shopify meta fields have received major updates. For example, now you can add meta fields in customers and orders and add multiple content entries to one meta field by using meta field lists.

Also, you can easily view the meta field description in your POS (Point of Sale) section and store it in customer profiles to create marketing campaign segmentation.

Shopify Admin Enhancement

One section Shopify always pays close attention to is the Admin panel.

With the new updates, the Shopify Admin section enables the advancement of bulk editing, app activity logging, app pinning & recommendations, quality improvements, additional permissions, and many more.

Order & Inventory Management

In the latest Edition, Shopify has discussed its improved order and inventory management system.

You can now access a complete, reliable, efficient, and extensible order management and fulfilment inventory solution.

By leveraging the system’s efficiency, you can work more efficiently, ensure bulk label printing, automate repetitive tasks, accurately track inventory, and exceed buyer expectations of the current market need.


More than anything, with this latest update, you will be able to neutralize your shipping hindrances, purchase carbon offsets with Shop Pay and use Storefront to display a commitment to your potential buyers.

Shopify Balance

With the Shopify balance, you will get paid faster, track your shopping performance and earn distinctive rewards with a money management account and Visa card.

Explore more of Shopify Edition 2022!

So this is a complete wrap-up from our sides. Here we brought you all the necessary detailed updates announced in the Shopify 2022 edition.

If you get stuck on any updates or want to understand its usage, you can enrich our Shopify Experts at your convenience. They will guide you on each step until you get all your questions covered with appropriate answers.

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