Prepare For The Holiday’s With Shopify Apps

There are lots of free and paid Shopify Apps available for the Shopify merchants and dealers which is also one of the great benefits of using the Shopify platform.

There is actually an app for everything. With that being said, we’re going to share the top 14 Shopify platform apps that’ll help you get through the holiday season.

You can call them the top applications because they literally earn every right by providing results on a constant basis.

Also, all of the following apps have proven, helped users with enormous benefits that lead to better customer experience.

And if you use them right in your Shopify app development, it sets your business go higher.

Reason: the average abandoned cart rate is more than 68%. Need to mention more?

After integrating this application, you can have automatic emails directly sent to your prospects in a timely manner so that you don’t lose many potential customers in the future. This app also includes the customized email templates and statistics to show you how well are you doing with your abandoned carts.

  • AfterShip

Do you or your team spend too much time answering customers asking where their package is? If so, then the good news is, there’s an app that will help you free yourself from dealing with tracking and shipping related questions from customers.

The Aftership app makes it easy to track your all shipments automatically.

It works smoothly with 200+ courier service providers via UPS, USPS, and FedEx. And with Aftership, you can inform your customers about their packages like out for delivery, delivered, preparing, etc.

  • Coupon Pop

Without leads, no eCommerce can create a sales pipeline. And Coupon Pop does exactly the same for you.

You might have noticed big eCommerce sites using some kind of pop-ups to generate leads, well the Coupon Pop application is exactly that.

With it, you can provide your visitors with a coupon to increase your sales, social media followers, and email subscribers.

  • Klaviyo

An email has always stayed at the top when it’s the matter about digital marketing. In fact, it is being up to 40 times more effective than social media marketing.

The Klaviyo application is the perfect tool for email marketing that can be tied directly with your eCommerce store.

It makes mailing automated, easy, and more effective. It also helps to differentiate between those who haven’t and have made the purchases and sends relevant content to each and every email recipient.

  • Olark

Studies have already proved that 62% of B2B (business to business) and 42% of B2C (business to customers) made more sales after providing an assist.

The Olark live chat app allows people to talk to you directly with the potential customers who are browsing your eCommerce store and gives you detail information about the shopper.

Unlike traditional chats, Olark helps you to enter a live chat prepared to exceed the customer’s expectations.

  • Plug in SEO

Google search result is still the king for business growth.

In fact, one study had shown that more than 90% of eCommerce traffic comes from Google.

Also, the Advanced Web Ranking also informed that 70% of all search engine clicks are from the first page of Google.

So if your eCommerce store doesn’t rank on the first of Google search results, then listen up carefully ahead.

The Plugin SEO app is first and foremost that identifies the problem and plays a central part in the SEO. the app points out all the issues with your store SEO and suggests a fix.

Also, when the app founds an issue, it gives you enough information to make you understand the benefits of the improvement of that particular issue.

And rather than finding these yourself, let the app do it for you automatically and for free!


Now that you know the top 6 apps and what works, plan and prepare for the next step to see which of these apps are right and help your business grow.

There are dozens of Shopify apps, but finding and using the right one is completely on you.

Take your time, figure out what you exactly need and execute it.

Prepare For The Holiday’s With Shopify Apps

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