Metizsoft Solutions Has Successfully Completed 16,000+ UpWork Hours

Action is the key to success.

We don’t just talk big, and our action says it all. Yes! We are proud to declare that we have completed successfully 16,000 UpWork hours recently.

We’ve completed 398 job applications, for enterprises and individuals both.


Metizsoft UpWork Profile

We are known as a top-rated agency on UpWork for our impressive and remarkable reputation, and the positive impression we have over UpWork carrying our client satisfaction rate and quality-driven services.

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Anyone’s success score reflects their overall work history, loyalty towards work, and client satisfaction.

Is everyone successful in reaching 100% of job success score?

We don’t have an idea about everyone, but we are more than happy to say that we reached there.

Yes! We did it.

Our result-oriented and quality-driven solutions for Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, cross-platform mobile apps, Android, iOS, PHP, ASP.NET, and other technologies help us to enlist in the top-rated agency.

We are 9001:2008 ISO certified and official partners with:

16,000+ hours and 100% job success scores are not enough; we always boost and motivate ourselves to break our records!

Metizsoft Solutions Has Successfully Completed 16,000+ UpWork Hours

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