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SQLite, Core Data and Realm- Which one to choose for iOS Database?

In order to build a successful iOS app, iOS app development companies have to pay attention to several factors. You also have to think about the development aspects of your app carefully.

If you want to develop a great app that works smoothly and runs fast, it is important to take care of a few things. You must figure out how to store and search for large amounts of data for which you have to use a database. The most common options available for the database are SQLite, Core Data and Realm.

You can choose one among these three databases for your iOS application development.

In this article, we will discuss each one of these databases, and then it will easy for you to compare which one you should choose for your iOS application development.

So, let us begin the comparison between SQLite, Core Data and Realm.

1. SQLite

SQLite is the most popular and most used database in the world. This is an open-source database which is widely used by developers for building mobile applications for Mac, OS-X, iOS, Android, Linux, and windows.

This database is simple to use and has a user-friendly interface. The user-friendliness of this database attracts maximum developers to this database.

Why should you choose SQLite for your iOS application development?

  • No hassle of configuration.
  • Independence from the server
  • safe and easy storage of data with multiple columns
  • Secured access to data from multiple threads

2. Core Data

Core data is another majorly used database storage used for iOS applications. SQLite focuses on traditional storage contents, whereas core data stores the contents of an object in a detailed manner.

Core data stores contents of an object which is represented by a class in objective-C. It is a flexible iOS framework which allows storing data in applications and devices.

Here are some of the significant features of Core data-

  • Uses more memory than SQLite
  • Uses more storage space than SQLite
  • It is faster in fetching records than SQLite
  • It has faster responsiveness and therefore performs better than SQLite

3. Realm

Realm is a relatively newer database. It is increasingly used by iOS developers recently because of the benefits it offers. Realm is faster and more efficient than both, SQLite and Core Data.

It is a cross-platform mobile app database, and it is available for both iOS and Android. One thing to remember is that Realm can only be used with iOS version 8 or OS X 10.9. It works on its own engine, and therefore, it has great speed.

Here are the notable features of Realm-

  • Minimum code is required
  • it is available in object C as well as Swift
  • It performs faster than SQLite and Core data
  • It is free of charge
  • it makes sharing of database files easier between iOS and Android

So, what makes Realm unique and why should you use it for your iOS application development?

Realm is the recently developed database, and it has already become quite popular among the developers. One thing that’s really great about it is that it can handle all the work with just a few lines of code. As compared to SQLite and core data, it is faster and easier to use. And the most attractive feature of this database is that works well with iOS as well as Android.

If you are developing an app for a large number of users, Realm is an excellent option because it pays special attention to scalability from the beginning of the development. Realm is capable of handling a lot of data and that too, faster than the other two databases.

Realm is a perfect backend for next-generation mobile apps. It is trusted by fortune 500 mainstays, start-ups and various other stores. Millions of users around the globe use Realm every day.

How to switch to Realm?

If you are using SQLite or core data currently and want to Realm, the process is straightforward. Here is the process how you can do it-

  • remove the core data framework
  • remove the core data setup code
  • migrate your files
  • Migrate your write operations
  • Migrate your queries
  • Migrate your user’s production data

Built Reactive apps with Realm

Since Realm is released, it has become immensely popular for developing responsive and reactive mobile apps. Realm objects are live, which means they always have the latest data. In Realm, you can subscribe to get a notification to get updates so that your app will never be out of date.

If you are confused about choosing the right database, Realm is the right choice for your app. It has everything that you require in a database. It is new and therefore is loaded with the latest features which are not there in SQLite and core data.

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