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How Cool is Google Android 8.0 Oreo Going to be? Let’s See!

Google has come up with a new version of Android. It’s called Google Android 8.0 Oreo, and just like the name, the features introduced by this development are also being no less than exquisite.

Let’s take a look at what major can’t-wait-for-it features are being brought about by this latest mobile OS by Google:

  • Enhanced Battery Life

Smartphones with amazing features, but without a decent battery life never prove much useful to their users. However awesome the features, you never have long enough time to use them!

But, what an about a feature that gives your device an Enhanced Battery Life?

boost their battery life

Now, wouldn’t that be great! In this case, we have Google making sure to give each device various enhancements so as boost their battery life.

For example, if you have an Android application working in the background, it’ll be blocked from performing certain tasks. Even the location updates will get restricted for an application that’s sitting idle.

  • Smart UI/UX

One of the things that you expect from an Android app development company, or if you hire Android app developers individually, is to get a smart UI/UX.

Just like poor battery life can put a damper on the other great features, so can a poor UI/UX. The reason is obvious.

get a smart UI/UX

How will you be able to enjoy those features, unless the interface is user-friendly?

Therefore, it is a welcome move by Google, to allow its latest Android version to provide an immaculate interface and an elegant experience.

  • Classifying Notifications

Another feature of this latest version is an improved way of getting notifications. Not just classifying notifications into various custom channels, but users can also update those channels as per will.

You can make sure that you get notified at a certain time in the day. You can even snooze the notifications, just like you do with your alarm clock!

Also, you wouldn’t have to open the application, just to know the content of the notification.

In addition, Android app developers can choose and specify the background colors for the notifications, allow some time period to open and read the notification (or the notification will get canceled), and such other things.

  • Picture in Picture

The feature that was previously found in Android TV – PIP or Picture in Picture – it will be made available to Android mobile users with its new version.

found in Android TV - PIP

So, you will now be able to watch a video, as well do another important task – simultaneously. This multitasking feature is a welcome one for all users!

  • 60 Brand New Emojis

On a more entertaining side, this new OS version brings you more than 60 brand new emojis to work with! Even the existing blob characters have been given a touch of the redesign.

new emojis

Android app developers can also change the shape of icons, animate them, and even use new color support.

  • Mobile Safety

Play Store will get more secure for its users, now onwards.

With a system in place that will automatically remove the applications that look harmful, one can safely say that mobile safety has been given a good amount of thought.

Mobile Safety

  • Google Safe Browsing

Developers will find new permissions introduced with Android 8.0 Oreo – a feature added in order to make applications more secure.

Even web browsing is being made more secure, with the  Google Safe Browsing API integration.

Google Safe Browsing

Autofill is always a cherished feature by every user!

Who likes to type the same thing, every single time?

It’s just so much work! Or at least it seems like a lot of work. With Google Android 8.0 Oreo though, the autofill framework has been made more efficient than before.

Whether it’s filling in your payment details on a shopping portal, or sending your friend a message – it’ all becomes easier with this new OS.

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How Cool is Google Android 8.0 Oreo Going to be? Let’s See!

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