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How to Get Traffic for Your Newly Launched Shopify Store?

Congrats! You have launched your new Shopify store – that sounds fantastic! That means now you’re ready to get your pocket green.

However, do you find it that easy to make your first sale? Is it really easy to immediately get traffic to Shopify store?

We know the answer is a big NO

The truth is that making the first sale and get traffic to Shopify store is not easy.

There’s no magic to get traffic on your newly launched online store. You need to do something that influences your target audiences. The initial crucial step is to create and promote a brand image of your Shopify stores.

To make the work a little bit easier, here are a few ways that will help you to get traffic for your newly launched Shopify store:

  • Use Social Media/Paid Ads

Social media is rapidly becoming one of the fastest ways for online store owners to build an audience for their brand.

It can stand out as an immense source of traffic. Sign up for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc, and promote your store and products easily. Add social media icon to your store.

Use PPC (Pay-Per-Click), it can work like a magic wand when it comes to promoting your products online. Google’s AdWords is a popular PPC advertising way that allows you to place advertisements on most of the Google search result page.

  • Offer Discounts

It can be a powerful tool to attract new as well as repeat customers to your store.

If you’re really passionate to get your new store known, you can use discount offers on your website which will avail a good amount of traffic for you.

The pop-up window is a great eye-catching option to highlight discounts to customers. You may advertise such offers on all social media channels and these will redirect visitors to use the discount coupon only on your website.

  • Provide Referral Link

When you start, offer your customers incentives (free shipping or discount on next order or surprise gift, etc.) for referring their friends and family members.

Provide referral codes and links to your customers that would take their friends straight to your page. It is the most trustworthy form because anyone trusts a referral more than trusting ads.

  • Don’t Forget Email Marketing


Email marketing is the most preferred way to drive sales. It will not only help you to drive sales but also enhance your relationship with customers.

Start building your email list by including an email subscription form and send emails regarding coupons, new arrivals, special offers, or other promotional ads to the subscriber.

Shopify has many email marketing tools you need to run email marketing campaigns easily. Choose the one that suits your business requirement and start promoting your brand easily.

  • Blogging

Recently blogging becomes a more important tool to get traffic to Shopify store. Starting a successful blog is easy but it’s difficult to post a constant blog with valuable content.

Make sure to blog about your products and how to use your products. Also, share your blog/article on social media will help you to improve your site’s ranking.

  • SEO


Use keywords in Meta title and description, brief product descriptions, image alt tag, etc.

To improve your search results. Optimizing your page speed, posting fresh content, building a good strategy to get most of the research traffic, customer testimonials, and other important steps will help you to stand out on search engines.

It’s All In Your Hands

Whatever you n to do, do it Quickly! Good Luck!

How to Get Traffic for Your Newly Launched Shopify Store?

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