Free Volusion Responsive Templates : Preview

Just in time for the holidays, Volusion is excited to announce the upcoming availability of responsive design on our most popular templates! By the end of September.

They are offering these Volusion responsive templates to existing stores on V13, as well as all new stores and free trials.

They have recorded a select number of templates to become responsive, using the same API you’re already familiar with.

Even more, these responsive templates will fully support all of Volusion’s existing features and functionality.

Keep an eye out, because as soon as they’re available, we’ll send you an update so you can start developing and customizing the newly responsive templates.

Want to see responsive in action? Check out a live demo of our Dress Express template.

Here’s the additional scoop on responsive design:

–> They will continue to release more free and premium templates that support responsive design over the coming months.

–> Volusion team is hard at work developing new and innovative features and extensions to the Volusion platform, so stay tuned for future updates as they become available.

–> Please note that customization made to existing templates will not carry over upon switching to a new responsive template

See Our Volusion Development work here: Volusion Development Portfolio

Free Volusion Responsive Templates :  Preview

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