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Top eCommerce Trends for 2022 and Beyond – That Will Shape the Industry

Like everything else, eCommerce trends also witness several changes with every new year. 2021 brought an unprecedented number of changes in the retail industry, and the same is expected in 2022.

eCommerce is a big part of business, and therefore, it gets highly affected by the recent trends in the industry.

It is important for every business to keep up with the changing trends in the industry and implement those on the website for better performance.

2022 is expected to bring incredible tools and trends for eCommerce that will make it a great year for online shopping.

The eCommerce business will adapt to these changes and survive a rapidly changing retail landscape, and the companies will thrive in the years to come.

We will begin with the top eCommerce trends to look out for in 2022 and beyond for successful running your eCommerce business in the years to come.

Here are the Top eCommerce Trends for 2022 for the Continued Growth of your Business

Video Shopping is Growing

video shopping has taken over eCommerce since 2020. It’s no secret that video shopping is one of the major trends these days, and it is going to grow in the years to come.

37% of the online shoppers in China purchased online with video shopping, and the trend is only going to grow in 2022.

By 2022, other countries are also expected to adopt this technology of video shopping and grow their business tremendously.

Businesses of all sizes are expected to lean heavily on video shopping in 2022, and it is going to emerge as a leading eCommerce trend in the coming years.


Personalization is a big eCommerce trend among businesses over the past couple of years. Who doesn’t like personalization? Everyone wants to have a personalized touch in whatever they purchase.

Customers’ expectation of personalization is constantly increasing, and it is clear that personalization will become a hot eCommerce trend in 2022.

Statistics say that customers spend 48% more when their experience is personalized.

ECommerce can provide a personalized experience to customers through customized emails. Personalized emails generate great results and convert cold mails into profitable transactions.

Role of Social Media for eCommerce

Social media has literally changed our lives in the past few decades. It has always been great for promoting eCommerce businesses, and in the past few years, its role in eCommerce has been tremendous.

Companies and brands need to look closely into the importance of social media to target customers and make a solid online presence.

With Instagram business features and Facebook buy button, it is clear to say that that social media has an irreplaceable role to play in eCommerce today.

These two platforms also have constant updates, which makes them great for promoting eCommerce business online. Thus, it’s advised to make the most out of social media to grow your eCommerce business in 2022.

Rise of Voice Search

One of the most talked-about eCommerce trends is voice search. Voice search has made it possible for people of all ages to search and buy from online eCommerce sites.

Voice eCommerce is the term used to describe any transactions done using a voice device. This trend has been around for quite some time, and its popularity is only increasing.

It was in 2014 when Amazon first launched its smart speaker called Echo. Since then, voice search has become an essential trend in eCommerce.

Businesses looking forward to growing in 2022 must not miss integrating this trend in their eCommerce website as voice eCommerce is expected to generate more than $40 billion in sales in the near future.

Chatbots are a Hot Trend

Chatbots have changed the customer experience lately and have become quite helpful for improving the overall customer experience while shopping online.

More than 60% of online users consider chatbots as their first choice for customer service inquiries.

eCommerce websites today use chatbots for providing quicker and better responses to the queries of customers.

Thus, developing chatbots and integrating them in your eCommerce business will surely be beneficial for your business as it will increase the customers’ overall shopping experience.

When the customers get personalized service, they like to spend their time on your website, which increases the chance of sales on the eCommerce website.

Don’t Miss AI in eCommerce

When we talk of eCommerce trends in 2022, how can we forget AI? Many types of research show that many business owners and retailers are interested in investing in tools that will help them to improve their business, and AI is one of them.

The role of AI in the eCommerce business is only going to get stronger with time.

Investing in AI will be quite beneficial for both small and large-scale businesses in 2022 as it will provide an improved shopping experience to online shoppers.

AI will also help businesses predict shopping habits based on the customer’s browsing history and thus provide the most personalized shopping experience.

Mobile Shopping is Growing

Mobile shopping is growing rapidly, and we can say mobile shopping is the future of eCommerce. Business insider predicts that 44% of the eCommerce traffic by 2024 will be through mobile shopping.

This shows that it’s the right time to optimize and improve your eCommerce website with mobile shopping.

Improving the customer’s shopping experience with mobile shopping will open a new door of opportunities for you in the future, and therefore, we mean it when we say mobile shopping is the future of eCommerce!

Final Words

These were our top eCommerce trends of 2022, but that’s not it. There might be other trends as well and if you think they are worth mentioning, mention them in the comment section below for our readers and us.

The trends mentioned above are expected to transform the eCommerce business in the coming years, and integrating them into your business early is like a cherry on the cake.

Watch out for these eCommerce trends in 2022 and make the most out of them for growing your eCommerce business because it’s the right time.

Top eCommerce Trends for 2022 and Beyond – That Will Shape the Industry

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