Know Everything About! How to Build PhoneGap Application?

PhoneGap is probably the most popular framework to build mobile apps. Specifically, it allows the developer to build hybrid apps using HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

Since all smartphone devices nowadays have a web browser and excellent standards-compliant support for HTML5, the core PhoneGap creates an application that is a web app that hosts your HTML5 application.

PhoneGap Build is an online service that compiles your app without using the command line.

To compile, you just need to upload your zip file of the project, and the PhoneGap does rest of the job for you, along with the QR code so that you can scan to get the app into your device.

The PhoneGap build service allows to make building and deploying PhoneGap applications to different devices in a simpler manner.

Now when you build your HTML5 app for a specific environment, it requires a specific wrapper.

This, ultimately, slows down the development process because:

  • Create and maintain that wrapper for each platform.
  • Maintain a source control structure with linked files.
  • You have to build each OS version independently.

Now, for this problem, the PhoneGap build provides a simple service that allows developers to upload the HTML5 source code and let it do the building for each different platform.

Additionally, it also has cool features for rolling out updates during the Cross-Platform App development process.

Moreover, the PhoneGap build does not only speed up the building process but also simplifies the source control structure and development deployments. And, as previously mentioned, there is no need to maintain several different OS wrappers.

Although, the PhoneGap build is just free for 1 app, and deploying a new environment version requires a good internet connection for both deploying and receiving.

All in all, if you’re building an app for each platform, PhoneGap build is a powerful framework with a quick way to build as well as deploy mobile applications.


Bottom line is, whether you’re a developer or going to Hire Flutter App Developer to build your app, remember how PhoneGap build can help you avoid costly mistakes, build a great app much more hassle-free.

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Know Everything About! How to Build PhoneGap Application?

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