Mr. Bhavin’s 8 year Journey with Metizsoft as a Head of Business Development

This was the first stage of the one-on-one interview where we decided to present the eight years journey of Mr.Bhavin Raval as the head of business development at Metizsoft Solutions. He holds phenomenal leadership qualities with a strong work ethic.

Describe your Journey with Metizsoft Solutions so far?

It has always been an incredible ride and epic entertainment experience with Metizsoft Solutions. He added by saying that Metizsoft is an esteemed organization trusted by Enterprise and founded to believe that everyone has the right to grow.

I got an opportunity to join this esteemed organization as Business Marketing Manager in 2013, wherein I was fortunate enough to assist clients, craft new marketing campaigns and remodeling, and boost up the monthly sales and figures.

Tell us about your work here at Metizsoft Solutions

I have been a part of the fast-growing organization’s journey for the past eight years, and it had always been a rapturing pleasure working with the tech-savvy company.

I had an excellent opportunity to open windows to many known industries like real-estate, fashion and technology, healthcare industry, and whatnot.

Additionally, as an ambitious professional, I always thrived on balancing organizational objectives and producing productive relationships. My journey from Business Marketing Manager promoted as the Head of Business Development has been fantastic over the course of years at Metizsoft Solutions.

How Metizsoft Solutions helped you to Develop your Interpersonal and Leadership Quality?

This well-known leading company in Ahmedabad has always comprehended my exceptional learning and technical skills. The company has countless examples while doing a great job in keeping its promises with plenty of opportunities and a diverse workforce.

The Directors of Metizsoft Solutions Private Limited, Mr. Manthan and Mr. Chetan have always dreamt of high-end results without compromising the quality. They have always supported me and truly helped me in making outstanding contributions at Metizsoft.

Moreover, they have considered me in mere guidance in seeking my option and advice while making some digital marketing strategies and business plans. Therefore, this does an incredible honor to work under such extremely talented and truly supportive seniors like them.

Moreover, being the best IT service provider globally, I can proudly say that we are a fantastic and supremely talented team of 75 people offering our services to India, UK, USA, Germany, Australia, etc.

Describe us the Company’s Culture and Strategies According to You?

The best part of this award-winning company is based on an employee-centric culture, value relationship, reliability, integrity. It provides the liberty to take your dreams to the next level.

The absolute passion of the company’s culture is to unite people and staff to build professionalized connections and drive up to the organization’s efforts and inclusion.

Not only does the company cares about the employees and their values; moreover, it gives them space to craft their dreams into life and is very candid about the employee’s growth.

What are the Futuristic Goals of Metizsoft Solutions?

The organization has a wide range of profitable and resilient solutions for start-ups to enterprises; it is essential to note that the company has more exponential growth in upcoming years, offering a highly intuitive platform, responsive, rewarding experience to all the employees and their clients.

Towards the end 

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Mr. Bhavin’s 8 year Journey with Metizsoft as a Head of Business Development

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