The 7 Most Used Shopify Apps by Our Clients

No spam, no clickbait, just a list of 7 seven simple Shopify apps (none of them belong to us) that have been constantly adopted by our clients. We decided to share these apps in order to ease up your work. Hope you guys find these apps useful. And some free marketing here, we are Experts Shopify partner (so you can rely on our data, for we have built over 500 Shopify stores and over 5 custom Shopify apps. You can also hire Shopify developer from us!).

To be honest, no big daddy description and pros and cons have been written about the apps showcased below. Just hit the link up and you will be getting everything you need to understand and know more about the apps. So no SEO and Keyword games here.

Note: Click on the App Title to get redirected to the official app page.

Top 7 Shopify Apps

Recurring Orders

Yotpo Reviews


Product Builder

  • MailChimp For Shopify:

MailChimp For Shopify

  • Fetch Tap Feedback:

Fetch Tap Feedback

  • Bontact:




Above were the apps our clients have used to most. Though all of them might not be free, they certainly are useful. However, there’s no greater tactic to increase sales than to sell a quality-driven product at the competitive price along with good customer support.

Hope you find these Shopify apps useful for your store!

The 7 Most Used Shopify Apps by Our Clients

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