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Oh Jesus! 7 Common WordPress Mistakes You Need To Take Care Of

In our previous blog, we understood the fact that why WordPress is one of the largely used Content Management platforms for developing websites.

Amateurs in WordPress development?

It is certain to commit a few errors while developing an awe-inspiring website. Actually, the expression ‘to err is human’ is completely valid.

Common WordPress Mistakes are part of life and so of development. It is good to anticipate mistakes everywhere, at any time.

At times as much hard as avoiding a mistake seems, it is as easy as to learn from the mistakes other individuals committed previously.

We know that at the time of using WordPress, we are always in a hurry to get things working as soon as possible.

In this sort of surge, it is possible that one might forget a few important things and ultimately commit a few mistakes.

Let’s discover what these mistakes are and what you need to take care of

  • Oh No! You Missed To Take Backup Of WordPress!

One of the most common mistakes analyzed by most of the developers is – not crafting the backup! Do you know this silly mistake can lead to any disaster?

Ensure you take a backup prior to any update.

You can always get in touch with us for such WordPress development services or find any best WordPress plugin available on the market.

A few of the notable plugins are WP Database Backup, Backup Buddy, Updraft Plus and Backup WordPress.

  • Oh, Ghosh! Just Plugins Everywhere!

Do you know WordPress offers us a BIG bowl of cherries in name of plugins?

Yes! WordPress has a BIG library of plugins. However, at times in the deed of creating too much ease for the site the developers end up using too many plugins in the “TOO MUCH FUNCTIONALITY”.

It’s nice to gain functionality with the help of Custom WordPress plugin development but too much of a good thing can make you sick. Too many plugins can impede your site.

Accordingly, the slow working site with a gift of non-functioned plugins.

Would you seriously love this?

Hence prior to installing any plugin take care of your site by checking if the plugin is well-coded or not, or else you will fall in love with trouble.

  • Holy Moly! You Did Not Change The Default Admin Name!

Once you install WordPress, it will consequently generate a username ADMIN which will help you with the privilege of ‘administrator’.

Just for your information, this username can be easily hacked by hackers! Subsequently, if you keep accessing your WordPress with this username, then don’t blame anyone for the hacking crime.r

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However, the best part is you can change the username while installing it.

At last, remember to create a strong password so see your site safe.

  • Adhering To The Default Tagline

The website title or tagline is normally a one-line description telling about your company’s services or products.

Usually, the WordPress comes with a default title – “just another blog”. Ensure you change the title as if you forget then Google will index your site accordingly.

The moment you create your website, define the site with a unique title – this will sell your website in the right niche and content effectively.

All you need to do is go to settings -> General and -> WordPress dashboard.

  • Blimey! Stop Ignoring WordPress Updates

WordPress Update

A lot of people ignore alerts or fear about the updates. Stop being lazy and update your site!

As such updates would be for security alerts and your site may end up getting hacked – so you know what mistake you did by ignoring the alerts.

  • Whoops! Too Many Categories!

We know you love doing easy things and so you create too many categories just because it is way easy?

Just keep this point in mind while developing your WordPress site that the less the more effective communication.

  • Oops! You Missed The Contact Form

Not adding a contact form in the surge of updating your products or services is the biggest mistake amateurs do.

A contact form is one the simplest way to get in touch with you. Not only is that contact form one of the best ways to avoid SPAM emails.

For this, you can even install a plugin named Contact Form 7 or Gravity Forms.

We hope you have noted these mistakes and would take care of it.

We the proficient custom website development company would love to help you with any of your WordPress development – contact us at any clock.

Oh Jesus! 7 Common WordPress Mistakes You Need To Take Care Of

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