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The healthcare industry has undergone a massive digital transformation under Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and other tech stacks. Earlier, what sounded like imagination is now reshaping people’s lives in the best possible ways on small screens.
build video calling app using Agora SDK

Our latest development, “Online Video Consultation App for Doctors & Patients,” is a primary example of how technology enhances robust solutions in the healthcare sector. Earlier, we worked on many telehealth projects. Still, this one has given us a chance to explore and work on a liable and vast section using the latest technologies.

A famous neurosurgeon has developed this idea and needs expert help to make it reliable for neuro patients worldwide. That’s where we collaborate. The immediate prospect is to make the App easy for all age group people. To help them access live video streaming with neuro specialists of their choice. Where they can schedule, take notes, and record conferences for further guidance.

Here, we have briefed about how we revamped this eHealth Video Consultation App to its full potential—integrating Agora SDK and many more.

Project Overview

Video Consultation App - Overview

This Video Consultation App for Doctors and Patients is a unified solution for all neuro specialists and patients worldwide. The name suggests what it refers to. The App is hugely popular amongst neurologists and, of course, those who are suffering from it.

“Now discuss your neuro issues with your preferred neurologists directly from your home and office with a crystal clear view.”

The App comprises some exclusive functionalities like Agora (real-time Video calling SDK), which make it users’ favorite doctors (Neurologists) calling App.

Technology Stack

Tech-Stack we used to revamp the App

The crucial factor of this Online Video Consultation App is that it allows you to choose from multiple renowned neurologists from different cities. You can read the guidelines/instructions and post your queries and reviews. Once you pick your neuro consultant, the Agora SDK will make easy interaction happen at will.

Front-End java

Back-End vuejs

UI android

API laravel

Video agora SDK

While using Laravel and Vue.Js has increased the performance and brought stability in Android 7-13 versions, the Agora SDK has given this App the much-needed edge amongst the users.To make chatting quick and convenient, we have used Firebase. Plus, we are doing OPD consultation and developing a FREE MRI REVIEW MODULE for a high-quality user experience. Moreover, we have implemented multiple payment gateway links where users can find no difficulty paying their doctor fees and medication.The update has made the UI smoother, and the backend functionality has improved significantly compared to the previous segment. The center of attraction Agora SDK has enhanced its popularity with seamless video calling and interactive whiteboard and recording options. Just what a patient needs while receiving expert advice from their neurologists.
doctor video calling app

Video Calling App - Stumbling Blocks & Challenges

Working on any mobile app development project always keeps us on edge. Because we specialize in this domain and maintain a reputation as a renowned mobile app development company, each development is daunting. However, we always look up to new challenges to learn and improve in this competitive era of the digital marketplace.We were overwhelmed when we got the chance to work on this Online Video Consultation App. Well, it’s a once-in-many opportunity to build something extraordinary, and helping him turn his vision into reality helped us add another high-level milestone to our profile.

We start the process with the following

  • Usual meetings regarding project discussion
  • Understanding his vision
  • Importance of the App and how it could change people’s lives 
  • UI and Theme setup
  • Front-end, Backend, Video SDKs, and more

After a long and in-depth discussion and finalizing things, we move ahead to build something new and exclusive in the healthcare niches.

video calling app using agora
Our Process


dev process
The biggest challenge is adopting Agora SDK, understanding its functionalities, and how well we could merge it with the Online Video Consultation AppUltimately we learned about it, and now when you use the App, you will find how effortlessly we have merged it with the App functionalities.
“Hardship & Complexities bring the best out of us and push us to do wonders in challenging circumstances.”
Key Benefits

Project Highlights & Benefits Explained!

Every implementation in this eHealth App is a highlight. But the showstopper is Agora! Our primary goal is to match the vision while maintaining quality and flexibility. We focus intensely on streamlining seamless interaction between patients and doctors via the Agora.

Highlights highlights

Benefits Benefits

  • Impressive, easy-to-understand, and flexible Dashboard.
  • Agora SDK for high-quality and bespoke voice and video calling.
  • Quick search bar and appointment scheduling reminders (Pop-up) notifications.
  • Single-click emergency call
  • Interactive live streaming (High quality) with real-time recording.
  • No more traveling hassle or transport cost. Consult with doctors from your home or office in your comfort.
  • 24*7 Availability - you can schedule appointments with neurologists at your convenience.
  • Search and book neurologists from nearby and multiple cities.


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Result & Outcome of the Project

So after many days of hard work and perseverance, we completed the project on promised time. Apart from APIs and libraries, we find hardship in implementing the Agora SDK in it. It’s a new concept for us. To learn and enable it in the App tested our expertise and quick adopt qualities. But somehow, we managed to thrive with it.
video chatting app for doctor

With the Agora SDK, users can now enjoy one-to-one connectivity of the highest quality. But we continue our hustle to make it multi-user connectivity in a single frame to enhance its user experience.

Later, we ran multiple treats on various Android versions to check their full potential. We made some last-minute changes during the course and fixed the errors following the best practice.

The App is now all set to cut the barrier between neuro patients and their neurologists from different corners. We have brought it to its core strength, hoping for it to bring the necessary changes to people’s lives who are suffering from neuro-related issues.




We believe in creating an unbreakable long-term professional bond with each one of our clients. We welcome them for end-to-end interaction and discussion. They can suggest all possible changes and updates during their app development.

Final Words! 

It was a fresh and next-level experience implementing multiple functionalities, especially Agora SDK in the Online Video Consultation App. We learned a lot and now look forward to more similar challenges in different segments and categories. Lastly, we would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to Mr. Chetan & Mr. Manthan for their ultimate support and guidance.