Printer Partners – Shopify App



Printer Partners Shopify app is developed for those who wish to start Print on Demand Business. The intent of the app is to provide a customize printing solution for those customers who want the custom designs on their T-shirts or hoodies or any attire. It is a brilliant Print on Demand Shopify app that goes one step beyond the Printing apps to allow customers to place custom design of their choice on any dress of any color and any size ranging from S to XXXXL.

It is one such online printing app that stands out as a fantastic and valuable for users who want to print designs for themselves. Just choose your design and dress, place an order, and get your desired dress at your place. Prices are determined based on design and garment type and size.

Printer Partners Shopify App


The app has been beautifully designed and developed to deliver an extremely simple UI, in order to offer an interface that allows the customers to easily place their design image that they want to have printed for their own use. App’s extreme features make it easier for customers to upload an image directly from their desktop. Its user interface design has been thoroughly undertaken through the diverse design process.


It is a Textile and Design based app developed by Metizsoft Solutions. It is a third party app that allows the customer to choose the custom design of their choice, place the order and order is automatically sent to the company where it gets printed, packed and shipped to the customer directly. Which means a company gets the design from customers via Printer Partners Shopify app.

Client Requirement

Our client wants to help his customers to print their custom designs on T-shirts or any other textile online. They require a unique solution for

  • Online printing
  • Fulfillment of order
  • Shipping


  • Placing Design on a piece of cloth

We were required to place a design on clothing material. But, the design is not static, it may vary in size.

  • Cloth and design merging and converting it into an image

We had to merge design with a piece of cloth and convert it to an image, so that customer can see the final output.

  • Integration of cropping tool to crop the size of design

We need to add cropping tool if any customer wants the design with medium or small or any random size.


What we required was to deliver an app to merge any design with cloth material. This led us to conceptualize a simple UI that was capable of doing all the required process.

We provide a solution for the challenges faced by developers while developing an app, with the help of the following features:

    • ImageMagick PHP extension: This PHP extension was used to create, modify the image and to merge design image with cloth image. And finally, generate an image of the final output.
    • Drag and Drop js: Used to change the area where design has to be placed. So that customer can place it in left or right or at any random place within a cloth.
    • Angular js: For listing the cloth with different color having the same design
    • Drop Zone: To reduce or increase the size of design


Final Outcome

At Metizsoft Solutions, We were successful in delivering a Printer partner app with a butter smooth user interface, which helps people to print their custom designs on any piece of cloth. Customer can easily choose the design, color of the dress, size of design and area to place the design. They can print their cloth with custom text, designs or photos. It combines the design images with a t-shirt or sweatshirt or any other apparel items. The app also made it easy for them to know how their design looks on various apparel having different color and size. Users were able to place an order of product anytime, anywhere.