ezCheckinn by Metizsoft

Ezcheckinn by Metizsoft Solutions


A software which meets all your Hotel Management needs.

EzCheckinn is a hotel reservation and management system built by Metizsoft Solutions that work for all types of accommodation required- hotels, motels, hostels, B&B, lodges, and guesthouses. With the help of this app, your bookings would be accessible anytime from anywhere. It is developed by Metizsoft Solutions to simplify the whole hotel booking process and fulfill the hotel management needs of both owners and customers.


Angular 7, MVC API C#, SQL 2009 R2, HTML, CSS, JS, React Native Framework.


This app is developed by Metizsoft Solutions for those who wish to run their motel business on an online platform. It will be of great help to both the owners and the customers.

The app will help them to manage everything related to the hotel such as booking management, payment reports, user management, etc. This help will also allow the hotel owner to manage multiple hotels with seamless user experience.

The main motive behind developing this app is to serve the hotel industry. But this app can also be used by motels, lodges, B&B, hostels, guest houses and other rental hospitality services. Owners can also manage their multiple properties centralized with one application and one login.

Challenges Faced Throughout The Development

No website or application is developed without any challenges in the way. While developing this app, we faced some challenges but we overcame them successfully. Some of these challenges are

  • The Complex UI – One complex challenge for us while developing this app was its complex UI. It was a challenge for us to bring a seamless user experience. The calendar view is complex as a lot of data had to be loaded on that specific part. But after some struggle, with the right solution, we overcame this challenge.
  • Payment Calculation Feature – The payment calculation was not an easy task either. As room taxes, room rates and other extra charges were to be calculated which makes the whole process a little complex.
  • Advance Rates – The app required this module by which the price of the model would get increase
Hotel Management System

The Key Features of Ezcheckinn App:

This app has a number of different amazing features which makes it such a hit. Some of these features include

  • NMultiple hotel registration with an account
  • NSupports multiple languages
  • NCurrency management
  • NCalendar overview
  • NUpdate and cancel bookings
  • NCustomized input fields
  • NSchedule cleaning and housekeeping
  • NBooking history log
  • NExpert booking information
  • NAlerts and notifications on new bookings

All these amazing features together make this app a great app for hotel bookings and management. The ones mentioned above are just a few important features from the many features that the app has.

Final Outcome

After overcoming challenges and passing little hurdles that came our way while developing this app, the final outcome was a treat to our eyes. We are ready to release the first stable version of this app. Metizsoft Solutions has developed many apps till now and this app is the latest one developed especially for the hotel business merchants to widen the business reach by making it digitalized. The business owners and customers both will be benefited from this app. the app is ready to use having amazing features and great usability.

If you too are looking for a similar app for your hotel business, you can get in touch with us.