GoGoHill – Restaurant Based Application



The GoGoHill application is developed to help people to find the best restaurant and places nearby to eat in Costa Rica city. It provides detailed information of each and every restaurant with scanned menu. Visitor can share their reviews and experience to anybody and also create their own food diary.

It’s not only help people to find places, but also allows restaurant owners to list their restaurant in GoGoHill with detailed information and promote their business to thousands of people. So that, people find them when they are looking for best place to eat and have fun.

Along with detailed information, application is decorated with many special features such as opening time, true reviews, menu, list of particular dishes etc. Of course, mobile app is also available so that user can search anywhere and anytime. The app is available on both iOS and Android. Wait! There’s more. An additional functionality of app is that it lets your friend or known person send you a gift via restaurant where you go. Yes! Your friends that follow you on GoGoHill surprised you with a gift.



The GoGoHill application has been brilliantly designed with easy navigation support and delivers a user-friendly User Interface. It is backed with great visual appeal with systematic listing of restaurants that allows the user to find their restaurants of choice with an ease.


GoGoHill is a food and restaurant based application.

Client Requirement:

Our client decided to develop a web application and mobile app both in order to help people to find places to eat in Costa Rica city. They needed solution to help people and restaurant owners. Some of their requirements included:

  • People can find great place, bars and clubs
  • Restaurant owners can enlist their restaurant or bars or clubs to promote the business



  • Filter implementation
  • We had to filter the information according to user’s requirement. They can search by category or city or any other special feature of restaurant like WiFi or without WiFi, Pure Veg or both, and more. It’s complicated to implement filter in an application.
  • Managing food menu selection
  • When user browses the app, they are looking for the food items served by restaurant so that they can decide either to go or not. So, managing food menu is not an easy task as it showcases all the dishes with rates and reviews.



We provided solutions for above problems with the help of following features:

  • We used AJAX drop down filtering method to filter restaurant names according to city selected.
  • Solution for filter implementation also involved use of combo path and query string approach. So that user can select the restaurant according to their wish.
  • Management of food menu is big challenge, as we had to consider all the dishes available at restaurant with their respective rates. Not only food information, but also, we have to include reviews and opinion of other people who have already experienced and enjoyed the service of that restaurant.



The application was a bit challenging one, but we successfully achieved the goal with the use of available technology and in-depth knowledge of our experienced developers and here is the outcome GoGoHill. The application as well as app is developed efficient enough to offer advanced filters to allow the user to carry out specific searches based on types of cuisines, mood (for example romantic place for love birds) and restaurants. It allows you to follow foodies to see their reviews and discover restaurant matched to your taste.