digital health scale app

Smart Mobile App for Fitness Program Using Digital Health Scale


Our client was from Boston, USA, approach Metizsoft based on the capability of the results that we can provide. A Client was looking for an Application that can be Integrate with the Bluetooth Weighting Scale, and Provide detail reports with-in the fraction of time.


A Digital Fitness Scale App is used for tracking weight, with the report like BMI, BMR etc. This application works on BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) and connects with the Bluetooth weight scale. We had developed our application for Android and iOS users. Health Scale is a Bluetooth Weighting Scale compatible with BLE 4.0. BLE is a wireless personal area network technology used to measure personal health and fitness.

BLE take low power consumption for the mobile compared to other Bluetooth devices. Fitness Scale is the perfect choice to track your weight history. Once the user has connected mobile with Weight Scale. User simple need to submit basic personal details such as Gender, Age, and Height.

After submitting all the details user simply need to weight them-self as normal they do. After the Health Scale will perform the calculation and will provide useful information like BMI, BMR, Body Fat, Body water level, etc. based on the information given on the scale.

The user can check their daily weight history through graph and list, so that way user can check their diet or exercise progress. Digital Health Scale App also provides the Elipse Balloon Weight loss program of Six months for though who are recorded overweight. We provide Elipse balloon time management cycle.


Our client imaginariness to make such an application which is bland indulgent at conflict and based apropos of the order of the objector time. Each project in itself is a challenge and some challenges are hard to overcome. But our team always overcomes all the challenges.

The most crucial part of this project was the BLE Characteristics channel, selecting the right one was very important for the project. Integrating with iOS Health was the second most important part of the project as this was for the iOS users because.

Data Security is the most important part of any project and our client want that same to Securing data from another user & to hide personal data from the database.


Taking about the Design portion for Scale it is based on Material Design that provides our application with the user-friendly interface. We have developed a custom app interface for our application which is easier to access and understandable to new users using an Android phone or iOS phone.

Some Incredible visions of Client.

Our client had a very pick level ideas and visions towards the App and so we are capable of doing. Some requirement of the client.

  • Connectivity with Scale

Need an app to fully work with Scale

  • Elipse Balloon time management cycle

Time management cycle to track time period for Elipse Balloon

  • Connectivity with iOS Health

Integration of Scale with iOS Health for iOS users.

  • User-friendly Interface

The easily comprehensible environment for new users.

  • Data Management and Security

No personal data of the user should be revealed to another user.


Every challenge has its solution. We find the peak solutions to our challenges.

  • We practice trial and error method for the selection of right BLE characteristics from various characteristics to match with perfect one.
  • We also tested Scale through other applications for proper Integration with over application.
  • We integrate iOS HealthKit SDK for the send and receiving of data.

For Data security we adopted General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Law in order to hide the personal data from the database. We successful stored the personal data of the user in their own mobile phone in app cache memory.

“Metizsoft Solutions has comprehensive my visions and provide an application with all my needs and requirement. I am much glared to work with them and the team is very responsive in providing solutions.”

-The management team of the company.


Based on our client requirement we come up with an optimal solution and we effectively deliver the app to our client based on the requirements asked for.

We had faced many challenges and problem but thanks our team then gives us the best and effective solutions. We did face many failures but our goal to achieve success was fixed, so we did and finally achieved the goal.