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Pharmaceutical Sales Rep Tracking Apps

Our expertise in delivering numerous successful projects and fascinating apps with validation to serve our potential clients one step ahead of their plans has always been remarkable.

In this fast-paced world of pharmaceutical sales, boon your tomorrow with the best Mobile Pharmaceutical app. Recently we developed and launched one of the leading pharmaceutical apps for our Pharma client based in Gujarat, India.


Abridgment Of Mobile Pharmaceutical App

“Get Ready To Enjoy Improved Medical Adherence With Us.”

Metizsoft Solutions in Ahmadabad is blessed with an in-sight skillful, talented team of developers, and they all are proficient enough to deliver breath-taking digital experiences. Therefore, our client reached us for a better online experience.

Our client leads and dominates the mid-sized trading Pharma market in Gujarat. They approached us with a dream and vision to create a digital platform to target a wide range of physicians’ attention. Our client sought an administrative solution to ease the centralized process by digitally tracking the ’ MRs reports from different locations.

The goal of the mobile pharmaceutical app was to provide effective development and tracking solutions across enterprises and all verticals. We decided to follow the customer/Pharma client approach with a vision to optimize efficiency, productivity, and better control of the management activities.

The golden rule was to build strong business relationships by accomplishing reliable and beneficial software apps for our Pharma clients.


Highlights On Some Challenges We Faced During The Project

Customer profiling and whiling was the biggest challenge during designing the sales force Pharma mobile app. Our project management team made several trials and tests to customize the mobile app to generate accurate and up-to-date Timesheet management reports each time the task is assigned to the Medical Representative. 

We took the proper time to understand the client’s requirements and demands. We learned that our client was looking for a one-stop solution where all the details of the company/organization can be stored without tampering, and each MR’sMR’s visit can be tracked easily.

Our dedicated software development team started working immediately on the challenges and provided the best suitable and flexible model. We have been active learners in understanding the challenges and delivering successful stories. 

The final goal was to design an outstanding sales rep tracking app with core benefits and endless services.

“Patience And Persistence Are Unbeatable Combination
To Overcome Challenge.”


Project Approach With Synopsis And Benefits

A detailed requirement study was done before developing the customize software solution replacing the other existing systems to provide the necessary documentation.

Our developer team successfully launched a stunning sales force tracking mobile app that can run on Android and iOS mobiles and tablets.

“The Purpose Is To Make Life Easier And Satisfaction Of The Participants To Achieve Their Fitness Goal.”

The fantastic platform was designed as a human/user-centric dashboard to track the employees’ work across all ladders and verticals, tracking from Medical Representatives- MRs’ to Vice President- VP.

We developed a centralized platform and offered our full support TV-web-based application and designing stages.

  • We provided the full-fledged online tracking system through the application.
  • Our software development team developed the modified timesheet and calendar. 
  • We provided the core competency and an ideal solution to improve the conversion ratio.
  • We created many stunning and unique customized features in the mobile pharmaceutical app. 
  • Among the others, our development team provides instant updates and push-notifications features
  • With prolific assistance, we designed the best organization productivity improvement features, creating effective and loyal channels.

So, we were able to accomplish the diversified business need with the equipped number of prime features.


Final Results

“Our Experts Shape Your Fitness Dream With Leading Revolutionary
Mobile Pharmaceutical App.”

We have advanced manifold to deliver the best platform in the form of mobile Pharma app that met our client’s reality and expectations. 

Moreover, the stupefying Pharma mobile app could cater to a wide range of services and operational activities based on the requirement.

Our client was perplexed by this incredible mobile app and honestly loved the digital solution. Therefore, contact us immediately for excellent conversions and app development services.

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