Sales Rep Tracking Apps

Pharmaceutical Sales Rep Tracking Apps

A Boon for the Fast Paced Disruption in the Pharma Industry


In the fast-paced world of pharmaceutical sales, representatives only have moments to capture their target physician’s attention. Our Pharma Client is a mid-sized trading company based in Gujarat.

They approached Metizsoft Solutions with a vision to create a platform where digital technology will drive the most value in the organization and lead them towards digital success. They were aware of the disruptive potential and wanted to experiment with a wide range of digital initiatives.

The Solution

Our Client was looking for a solution to cater to the tracking and reporting of their MR’s from the different geographical location through Sales Rep Tracking Apps for easing out centralized process.

The company wished to develop a user-friendly platform which would streamline reporting and accountability at the same time they wanted a handy product to meet the needs of their employees across the organization. We at Metizsoft know that the mobile technology is a game changer.

A platform in the form of a mobile app would give much more than what they currently did, and it really encompasses their overall experience to be more effective and efficient.

The Sales force tracking Mobile app could deliver information while ensuring that their business intelligence stayed in their own hands, helping them maintain their competitive advantage.

A solution has been developed by Metizsoft in the form of an Application that runs on Android and iOS Mobiles & Tablets.

The Key Features of Sales Rep Tracking Apps:

  • NPersonnel Database Management System
  • NDoctor Database Management System
  • NRetailers and Vendor Management
  • NLeave Application, Approval, and Management
  • NTour Plan & Expense Management
  • NNotification Triggers
  • NMobile messages through the Message gateway
  • NTarget Setting
  • NTrackers (individual/ group)

Track & Follow your Newest Sales Progress Through Sales Force Tracking App

The core benefits that the Sales Rep Tracking App provides is that it can be customized with all process, reporting and Timesheet management, to which one can add a human approach. The task assigned to each Medical Representatives (MR), the time duration spent and his exact location can be tracked by an admin at the head office.

All details of the company’s products and services will be updated in the app, so that both the MR, as well as the client can refer to it. With the App, the organization will gain more knowledge from their employees. The levels of trust placed on these reps will increase, as they carry a direct link to their heads; leaving aside plain pieces of paper. Besides, the locations of each MR’s visit can also be tracked.

Our team spent the maximum time to understand the Client and its organization to the core. We started by defining an Authorization Matrix and work our way up to develop the best sales rep tracking app by setting criteria across the matrix.

A detailed Requirement study was done over a period of time to ensure that the solution integrates all the multiple inter-related client requirements without making the application bulky. Our development team designed the interface as a replica of their existing systems which was made entirely virtual and eradicated the need for unnecessary documentation.

After developing the system, our challenge was to provide customizable reports. Our team had a discussion with the management team to lay out formats. And what we could deliver was appreciated by the clients. Our Smart Dashboard captures multiple data and provides crisp and concise reports based on individual requirements.

The Outcome:

The immediate benefits of having such a sales force tracking app are to upgrade operations, create transparency and accountability throughout the organization. The project was initiated to provide a solution in terms of developing a mobile application and dashboard to track the works of employees across the ladder, from Medical Representatives (MR) till the Vice President (VP).

This amazing platform empowers the management and the organization to capture the movement of representatives, the individual products that they represent and the time they take. The Managers can also keep in touch with their MRs through the sales team location tracking app. Any updates or information can be shared instantly, based on the locations that they visit. MRs will have the entire knowledge of these products in their hands, thus be able to answer any query.

Proper tracking of business can be used to make an effective analysis. Multiple Reports can be created. Trust of clients can be improved and steps can be taken to further improve the operations of the organization. Proper tracking of Personnel Update with the latest information on any product, Proper analysis of product performance, as well as that of employees can be extracted.