Viral Lights

Viral Light – Bluetooth (BLE) Based Innovative Mobile App to Control LED Lights.

“Change And Control Your Room’s & Car’s Lighting
Ambience Accordingly With A Single Tap!.”

In a world full of digital adoption, managing the light of your room or car according to your mood through apps might not sound extraordinary, right? And why should it? It’s not a big deal. Many apps exist in the play store that comprehensively offers sensor connectivity and control of these things.

But, out of those many apps, what if I told you that now things have gone to a step higher, and you can set up your preferred light, adjust the contrast and brightness, function it with the music beats and themes, that too without any cost, sounds exciting, isn’t it!

Well, it’s true, and it is now possible to do all these things with a single tap on your small screen. With the combined effort of our developers and testers, we have successfully developed and launched the Viral Light – LED Strip Controller App, which gives you ample colour options and control over your LED strip lights.

Now, merging your favourite theme colour in your room no longer remains the same standard, and you can try different colour combinations accordingly. It’s time to experience a complete lighting transformation of your room and car!

Viral Light

Viral Light App – Abbreviation!

The Viral Light App is one of its kind out of many. The LED lighting control application was designed and developed by our dedicated mobile app developers.

It’s a cross-platform compatible mobile application that both Android and iOS users can use to control their car and room’s LED strip lighting functionality.

It has a very smooth and precise dashboard where you won’t find any difficulties understanding its core functionalities. The best prospect of this unified App is that you can use it for FREE without the hassle of the registration process.

It means you can directly connect it with your LED strip adopter. Once done, you are in complete control to set and adjust the lighting with your preferred color combination.

The most significant fact about our creativeness regarding this App is that we haven’t stuck to the same old standard colors.

Instead, we took a step ahead and included number of color references to improve the lighting fixture to experiment with it with your preference and efficiently enjoy your imaginative color lighting.


“Control Your Room’s & Car’s Lighting
Ambience Accordingly With A Single Tap!.”

The Constructive Battle Against the Viral Light App Stumbling Blocks

mobile app for led lights

It’s not the first time we are working on a cross-platform App. We have had many successful deliverables, and we are known for our consistency and high-quality mobile app development execution.

But, the only pause and moment of hesitation that occurred during the project discussion was when we heard that we had to deal купити мультитул with the hardware part as well.

After signing the NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement), we began our work by running a comprehensive R&D, where we started to collect as much information and data as possible for further assistance.

The biggest challenge for us is to develop an App by integrating some unique features and functionality so that it can deliver something extra from the rest. It was a next-level opportunity to experience something new кастрюли купить киев. So we were excited too! Henceforth, we started our Viral Light App development procedure with our usual proceedings.



At the forefront, we apply reverse engineering methodologies to integrate the command with relevant hardware device characteristics. By doing this, we ensure that the hardware can easily optimize the command and quickly adopt software functionality via bluetooth.

As this was supposed to be a cross-platform specific App, we decided to go with Flutter as the front-end development framework integrated with Shopify APIs in the backend development for smooth functionality. We started the project in Dec 2021 and finished it by March 2022.

Project Highlights

Project Highlights and Benefits Abstractions

  • The Viral Light App is well compatible with both Android and iOS. So both users can use this App to manage their room and car’s LED strip lighting fixtures.
  • You can ensure Bluetooth connectivity. All you require is a stable internet connection for proper data fetch.
  • We have made several changes in the controller commands and restricted it with three major commands to make it devise and user friendly.

“Every Other Innovation Brings Some New Changes & Functionality Into Its Core Configuration, Making Them Unique In Its Own Form.”

Key Benefits

A Firm Look into the Viral App Benefits

Bluetooth Connectivity Bluetooth Connectivity

Sync with Music Sync with Music

Multiple Color Options Multiple Color Options

Fits in the Car Fits in the Car

Now, you can connect your LED strip via Bluetooth with your device and send commands to control it within a range of 10M precisely.

If you have music on your device, it will automatically sync with the music’s beat and tempo, and the lights will change their colour, referencing those beats and rhythm.

Compared to previous apps, this App offers various colour combinations to set up your preferred colour in your room and car.

Not only in your room, but you can also set up these lights in your car and control your car lighting ambience with your App accordingly.


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Final Result & Outcome of The Project

After the tedious effort of our developers, testers and project coordinators, we completed the project within the deadline and forwarded it to the client for the final testimonial.

Upon verifying, the client sent us his positive and satisfactory feedback and acknowledged our tremendous dedication and service for successfully completing the project.

The Viral Light – LED Strip Controller App is available on the Play store for FREE купить набор кастрюль по акции. Now, you have access to multiple colour options, which you can use to control your room and car lighting as per your mood and reference.

Last and most importantly, we would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to Mr Chetan And плед купить киев Mr Manthan for their ultimate support and guidance.

Lastly, our client was highly delighted after receiving a satisfactory performance outcome of the printing Shopify app.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for the photographic and best quality of images магазин постельного белья or use the Printing Shopify app.

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