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What’s New in WordPress 5.3? Here’s all you need to know.

After the long wait, WordPress 5.3 was officially released recently on 12th November 2019 and is now available for download.  Just like all the previous updates and versions, this new release WordPress 5.3 is also packed with some new exciting features and improvements for improving the WordPress performance for the millions of users out there.

Let’s have a look at what’s new in WordPress 5.3 and what features are worth trying in this new release. So let’s have a look at new WordPress 5.3 features-

  • User interface upgrade

WordPress 5.3 release comes with many changes in the overall appearance of the user-interface of WordPress. Although the changes are minimal and are not highly noticeable, they still bring coherence to the overall appearance of the admin area. The new user interface improves the accessibility of the WordPress area to make it an enjoyable experience for the users.

  • New features in the WordPress Block editor

Since its launch, the block editor has been improved regularly. WordPress released a new editor interface code-named ‘Gutenberg.’ This new WordPress content editor entirely changed the writing interface in WordPress.

While using the Gutenberg plugin, you will find a lot of exciting new features in the block editor with the release of WordPress 5.3. As you use it, you will understand some of the general WordPress 5.3 block editor improvements.

  • Improved image uploads

It often happens that when you upload large images from your phone or camera, there was always a chance that the servers will time out before the upload.

But worry no more because WordPress 5.3 has resolved this issue. Now it will automatically save the image creation process and allow the users to resume uploads without any roadblocks.

WordPress also fixed the image rotation issue in this release using the EXIF metadata. Now in the new release, you can upload large images in your posts or pages with ease.

  • Improved Site Health reports

WordPress has introduced the site health score feature in WordPress 5.1. It helps the WordPress website owner to improve their website’s WordPress speed, performance, and address common WordPress security issues.

This feature can help the users to view status like ‘good’ and ‘should be improved.’ This will help them improve the overall performance of their website and help them know what needs to be corrected.

  • Under the hood changes

WordPress 5.3 comes with a ton of features and improvements for the developers. These are some of the most significant under the hood changes-

WordPress 5.3 comes with a better way to discourage search engines from indexing a website when you check the option.

WordPress 5.3 comes with improved compatibility with PHP 7.4

Comes with better handling of data and time zone functionality

  • Show password button on the login screen

WordPress 5.3 now comes with a password button on the WordPress login screen. This is a convenient tool, and it makes it easier to type complicated passwords. It also helps in viewing whether you have entered the correct password or not.

  • WordPress admin email address verification

Previously WordPress used to allow users to change the admin address from settings >> general page. However, WordPress 5.3 now makes it mandatory to verify the email address to ensure that you don’t miss any future emails from WordPress.

This email address is essential as WordPress sends notification emails on this address only. Make sure that you are using a WordPress SMTP plugin so that you receive WordPress website emails in your inbox.


With the new WordPress 5.3 release, using WordPress will be a lot more fun. With many improvements and exciting features, your WordPress website will grow rapidly and better than before. This release will increase user satisfaction and user-experience as well.

We hope this guide helped you, and we hope you have already got a WordPress 5.3 release version and enjoying the new features as much as we do. We are most excited about the block editor improvements in this release. If we have missed out on some of the features, you can mention them in the comment section below.

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What’s New in WordPress 5.3? Here’s all you need to know.

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