Volusion is Coming Up with Some REALLY Amazing Updates this July!

Amazing news for all the Volusion store owners out there! Volusion is coming up with some really resourceful and technically beautiful updates that are certainly going to remove a lot of clutter out of your current Volusion admin and will make certain important tasks really easy for you from now.

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Eager to know about the exact changes and updates? Here goes the list as far as we have been updated by the Volusion pros.

We are Volusion Experts since 2008, we are given precedence at times before important updates are rolled out known as Volusion Updates July 2016.

After all, we are responsible for manage-process-supervise over 1000 Volusion Stores being run by our dear clients across the globe.

Here Goes the List of Noteworthy Updates:

  • Admin Re-skinned

Your Volusion dashboard has been given some refurbishing, and it looks prettier than before. No changes have been made in the structure or functionality. Simply put, the admin has been beautified a bit. You can see it in the screenshot below.

  • Content Builder

Here comes the big revelation!

The whole new content builder feature will make it damn easier for you to create pages for your eCommerce store.

Gone are the days now where you needed to do coding to create a page for your Volusion store.

You can do it easily now with the content builder! Just drag and drop boxes- insert content- change design- publish- and your web page is ready.

Have a look at the new content builder in the screenshots below:

  • More Resourceful APIs

The new API will open manifold gates to enhance your experience with 3rd party applications.

Developers will find new ways to integrate, implement, and update new functionalities to the Volusion store that will give them more power to connect with third-party applications, share more information regarding orders, sales, inventory, and more.

We are Volusion Development Company Since 2008:

It has been over 7 years now since we started our journey in the space of the Volusion & eCommerce industry as Volusion Experts.

We started our journey with a team of few people working on some great projects, and then some small tweaks too.

Get to know more about us here – Metizsoft Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Volusion is Coming Up with Some REALLY Amazing Updates this July!

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