Top 10+ Shopify Themes Helps To Grow More Your Online Business! (Updated 2019)

Everything! Yes, everything is getting online today, so do the shopping! More and more retailers are move online to sell their products. So do you also want to have your store get online?

Choosing a platform and starting an online store can be a hideous task for you. Personally, I recommended Shopify.

Why? Because…

Shopify is one of the brilliant eCommerce platforms for people who are interested in setting up an online store.

It allows you to build a stunning website with a wide range of ready-to-use themes that come in more than 140 varying styles.

It made installing or switching to a new theme instant. There are lots of options available to design your Shopify websites.


Picking the right theme out of so many makes you confused, it’s expected. That’s why in this post we cover some of the Top responsive Shopify themes that could help you to create your own online store.

Reduce your theme selection headache now.

Here are the handpick 10+ Responsive Shopify Themes by Experts Shopify Development Services Provider:

Symmetry - best themes for Shopify stores

Symmetry is one of the best themes for Shopify stores designed with eCommerce practices in mind.

It includes 4 highly responsive styles Beatnik, Chantilly, Salt Yard, and Duke having 3 homepage scrolling collection rows, full-width slideshow, grid and stream views on collection pages, and Google fonts.

You can place every row on the homepage in any order.

The best of the theme is its navigation system, live search, multi-level nav/menu, its flexibility, and responsiveness.

Ella- Responsive Shopify theme

If you have a business that deals with Fashion and Apparel, then Ella- Responsive Shopify theme is the best suitable for you.

The theme offers a gorgeous look to layout with the perfect mix and matches colors, blocks, and banners.

It comes with an advanced Mega Menu, which allows your customers to find desired products easily and quickly.

Moreover, the layered navigation option will help your customer to filter all the products regarding color, size, price, or brand. It is fully responsive to all devices – desktop, tablet, smartphone, etc.

fashion - eye-catching theme for your startup

If you are a newbie and want an eye-catching theme for your startup, then the Fashion theme could be the ideal one for you.

The theme is packed with many valuable features such as a flexible slider with sticker support, super mega menu, video support, Ajax advanced filter, and more.

It will give the store a consistent look at any device with its responsiveness.


This paid theme is designed and supported by Out of the Sandbox is suitable to enhance your brand’s style, as it comes with a striking parallax scrolling effect.

It offers 4 amazing styles – Aspen, Madrid, Vienna, and Los Angeles.

The theme comes with fantastic features – parallax scrolling imagery, promotional banners, homepage videos, Instagram and Twitter feeds and also supports the blog.


The supply theme is built specifically for large inventories to showcase a large number of products in one place.

It is designed to make it quick, easy, and extremely convenient to browse through all the products and categories that your online store offers.

Features include amazing navigation, multiple homepage design options, sidebar filtering, and also supports 3 styles – Blue, Soft Green, and Dark.


Showcase- premium theme designed and supported by Clean themes is made for small inventories.

It allows you to display products with a full-width layout and large product images. It has great features such as infinite scrolling, a full-screen product gallery, sticky navigation (which keeps menus fixed at the top of your page), and more.

Yeah! It looks great on all devices.

  • Lorenza


You are a Boutique retailer and looking for a clean and editorial-inspired design?

Lorenza theme designed by Fluorescent is perfect for you.

It includes Sticky navigation, two menu options, product filtering, Instagram, and Twitter feed. The theme offers an asymmetrical layout, which allows you to create a magazine, art board-style layout, and mood-board style.

Other styles supported are – Handmade, Heritage, and Urban.


Debut is a free Shopify theme designed for all stores, regardless of large inventories.

Its extensive list of features includes a slideshow with videos, easy navigation, important testimonials, a closer look of products with zoom options, and featured products.

It is the most popular theme to showcase brands and products and easy to customize.


It offers a bold look and feel and suitable for high-volume stores with large inventories. It is mainly used for selling sports goods and products online.

The key features include – edge-to-edge slideshow, multi-column drop-down menus, typographic options, promotional bars and banners, and font customization.

Select your own style among its Snowboards, Outdoors, and Boxing styles.


The theme is designed by Out of the Sandbox for the eCommerce platform Shopify. Having large and full-width images Responsive theme looks friendly on any mobile device.

It supports 4 different styles San Francisco, New York, London, and Paris. Packed with essential features like a Sidebar menu for the collection page, a full-width banner with images and video, a multi-level drop-down menu, and social media support (Instagram and Twitter feed), the Responsive Shopify themes enables you to focus on products.


Hopefully, the aforementioned list will help you to clear your confusion about choosing the best theme that suits your niche. With this theme collection, we try to ease the pain of finding the right theme for your Shopify store.

If you find it worthwhile it and like to use any of them, let us know. Leave your comments in the below section.

Top 10+ Shopify Themes Helps To Grow More Your Online Business! (Updated 2019)

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