Finally, Shopify Site Owners Can Edit Their Robots.txt Files

The Recent Update – News broke out quietly from the Shopify admin, wherein the most famous and the leading E-commerce platform quietly announced this ongoing week that Shopify merchants now can edit the default robots.txt file. This popular E-commerce platform has consistently improved modern web stores. The most recent feature seems to be one the most important news for the retail merchants/business-man and Shopify users.

According to Jackson Lo, SEO lead growth at Shopify, He told Search Engine Land this Friday that opening up the access to edit robots.txt Will enable the Shopify merchants and leaders to control how their content or web page is crawled.

Shopify Changed -Gone are those days, were those times, where Shopify users and customers were restricted from the access of robots. txt File. This is one of the best welcome changes that enables Shopify customers and merchants to see what pages you do or don’t want to be crawled and use them to hide private user information.

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What is Robots.txt Files and Unique Features of Robots.txt

Shopify robots.txt are exclusion standards that are publicly available and allow the webmaster to instruct web engine bot located in the website’s roots. The E-commerce platform Shopify generates a default robots.txt File, wherein the .txt file contains the list of instructions for each search engine/index as to what web pages can or cannot be crawled.

The file specifies the “User-Name” and then the other part of the website that the user-agent cannot access.

A robots.txt file is a valuable asset and a simple text file that has significant influence and benefits for SEO. The Shopify robots.txt controls the over-loading of the traffic and informs the search engine (SE0) that the page needs to be crawled or indexed.

So in simple terms, we can say that robots.txt Files tell the search engine if the web page is causing a high overload on the server/internet.

Note – You should not use the robots.txt file as the means to hide your web pages from the Google Search Bots and Engines, resulting in the index, or crawl the information available on a specific web page. As the Derivatives in the Robots.txt files are case-sensitive, it is highly recommendable to make only one version of the URL or Domain Name using canonicalization methods.

There is a slight difference between the two methods: Crawling and Indexing by the definition of SEO, so we can say that crawling is the process where you follow your link, or Google tracks your website for a specific purpose.

On the other hand, if any crawler or a visitor saves the link in a search engine database, it is indexing.

How to Edit Robots.txt in Shopify

It is no secret that we think that Shopify is the best leading E-commerce platform in today’s global market, offering day-day services and advanced features. Search engines/ bots, mainly: Google, Yahoo, Baidu, etc.,

constantly crawl the internet to discover some new have accumulated meaningful information and is also referred to as the source of search results/outcomes.

This is how the robots.txt file looks like this-

robots.txt exampleUntil now, we know that there was no access to the Shopify robots.txt; however, things changes this Friday, wherein Shopify has made the default robots.txt File editable to create new crawling instructions.

We can edit the robots.txt files or hide a web page from the search by the following steps.

  • From your Shopify admin, directly go to the inbuilt- Online web-store Themes,
  • Now Click on the action, after which kindly click on the Edit Code option,
  • You will receive an option of “Adding New Templates” and “Create New Templates.” Click on both the mentioned options simultaneously,
  • Open the template, and make any changes you want to change in your robots.txt File,
  • At this moment, after drawing the necessary changes, save the file to robots.txt Liquid to publish them on your web or store.

As the robots.txt file indicates the crawling and indexing of your web page, it is mandatory to review the implementation of editing is correct, and moreover, any steps cannot be ignored.

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However, now let us go to some of the primary standards and practices to improve the SEO ranking.

Secret Fingertips to Improve the SEO on your Shopify Website

The Shopify (SAAS) platform has been very successful and steadily rising in popularity, and Shopify merchants have been waiting for this recent news to roll out as this robots. txt file was one of the most requested features among the Shopify users and merchants.

The E-commerce leaders and Shopify users now themselves can edit their .txt file to disallow specific URLs from being crawled and further indexed.

Shopify SEO 2021

Owing to an online web store is not a dream anymore, E-commerce has successfully taken over the traditional retail landscape business in the 21st century. There are around 12million E-commerce online web stores across the entire globe.

Moreover, several people in the industry have turned to this leading platform to get their personalized, modern, and digital e-storefront, especially after the pandemic.

As we know that more than 100 million Indians make at least one e-purchase every day; therefore, here some tips and ways to improve your web-store rank and SEO on the leading E-commerce platform, Shopify.

  • Most of the reply on tools like Google; however, there is an SEO checklist to grow own e-store. All Shopify stores should set Google Search Analytics informing the other search engines about your organization’s site.
  • However, one caveat is that try using search engine consoles to detect any crawling errors on your web page if a bot attempts to reach a specific page and fails.
  • Moreover, drafting some specific keywords, search volumes is critical to improving your SEO ranking on Google bots/engines. Note that mapping the different-different keywords is also essential to bring your web page to higher-ranking levels.
  • Page optimizing often is also a callout to highlight the ranking and improve SEO on Google engines. Always try to include the main keyword at the start of the web page, and attempt to have 50-60 characters in your Headline. Ensure you write complete sentences and editorial titles to optimize your document/information/ or web page.
  • Ensure the primary content and some critical marketing strategies that can add value to earn a mention to get most of the purchase. Explicit and conscious content is valuable and far more essential than quantity.

With these strategies and SEO’s best practices mentioned above, you can make your website and e-shop a fast-loading site and can march in lock steps to make things much more manageable.

Top-Rated Shopify Experts India

With the ongoing digitalization of modern life, the number of digital buyers is continuously climbing every year. More interestingly, that fact of the day is that e-sales is expected to surpass $4.5 trillion worldwide.

Therefore, hire Shopify experts who can promise you to give the best results and help you create the best and beautiful eye-catchy website or an interesting full-fledged app for your enterprise.

Lastly, I would like to pen down my draft by adding that Shopify is now the best E-commerce platform here for 2021, and Shopify software developers can bring in the exciting webshops for you.

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Finally, Shopify Site Owners Can Edit Their Robots.txt Files

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