Smart Ways to Sell Digital Products with Shopify

If you are one of those individuals who is actively looking for smarter and efficient ways to sell digital products online, then Shopify is the right choice for you.

A large amount of time is spent on developing a digital product such as eBook, audio, video, and others but it becomes extremely challenging to sell and distribute it in a profitable manner.

Shopify development services are designed to cater to the needs of people or enterprises who wish to sell products online through an online store is a reliable and efficient manner.

The best thing about digital products is that anyone can create and sell them.

If you possess the knack for creating artistic and influential digital products that can captivate the targeted consumers and can compel them to buy then you can reap the benefits of sell digital products on Shopify.

If you happen to be an expert in your industry then you can easily create video tutorial series explaining certain important topics, or you can give video reviews of various products.

In case you don’t wish to burden yourself with the process of creating a digital product then resell the private label products online in a legitimate way.

  • Benefits of a Digital Product Business Model

According to a study by PWC Global Media and Entertainment, digital products will become a whopping $100 billion market by the end of 2015.

The growth of the digital products market in the recent past has been attributed to increased sales of consumer products like smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

The music industry accounts for the most number of digital downloads at $6.9 billion worth of digital albums and singles.

EBooks come second with $5.69 billion in sales.

Shopify development service lists out a number of benefits of selling digital products.

  • Low overhead cost as it doesn’t require physical storage.
  • Unlimited stock
  • International markets reach with no shipping cost
  • Higher profit margins
  • Automated system for delivering digital goods in time
  • Getting started with Digital Products and Shopify

Shopify offers its own ‘Digital Downloads’ app which allows users to upload digital files as products in the store.

Once a product is sold, a download link is given to the customer’s install and a link is emailed to the users when the order is fulfilled.

Users can automate the entire process depending on the type of the product, which you are selling, and as per your preference.

Shopify development service recommends the use of Shopify’s ‘Digital Downloads’ app for better management and timely delivery of the products.

Users can even use Shopify for hosting files given that files are 5 GB or less in size. Alternatively, users can even connect their online store with other third-party apps.

  • Third-Party apps for bridging the Digital Download gap

Apart from Shopify’s Digital Downloads app, there are some third-party apps, which can help with digital product delivery efficiently.

Shopify development service makes use of a wide variety of apps from the Shopify App Store to efficiently manage different delivery aspects of digital products.


SendOwl is a third-party app, which allows a user to sell almost all types of digital goods with Shopify.


Users can easily upload files to the server, choose the product to associate it with and this app takes care of the rest of the necessities. Whenever a product is bought by a customer, SendOwl gets into action and automatically sends a time-sensitive download link.

Sky Pilot

Sky Pilot is a great app for selling anything from music, movies to pictures with Shopify.

Sky Pilot

It allows users to create custom pages for the store where customers can download, view, or stream the associated files with ease and simplicity. It is quick, instant, and automated.

Smart Ways to Sell Digital Products with Shopify

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