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PHP vs. Node.JS- What Is For Your Project In 2021?

PHP vs. Node.JS are two familiar names in the eCommerce industry. Node.JS and PHP have been two powerful options for backend development and are pretty popular among developers globally.  The dev community is divided between PHP and Node.JS, and the business owners often get confused about choosing between one of these two technologies for their web development.

PHP is relatively older and one of the most powerful technologies of all time. On the other hand, Node.JS is a newer technology and has made it possible to use JavaScript for backend development in recent years.

After knowing about the two technologies, we come to an important question; which one to choose among the two? How to decide whether to select Node.JS or PHP web development for your next project.

If you are in this dilemma right now, don’t worry about it. This blog will throw light upon PHP vs. Node.JS comparison to make it more straightforward for you to decide which technology will work the best for you.

Before beginning with the comparison, we will look at the overview of both of these technologies.

What is PHP?

PHP is one of the most popular and widely used open-source server-side scripting languages today. It was developed in 1994, and since then, it has established itself and has become an enormous success.

In current times, almost 79% of the websites are using PHP as their scripting language, and its demand keeps increasing rapidly.

With the ever-increasing popularity of content management systems such as WordPress, Drupal, WooCommerce, and Shopify, the popularity of PHP has also accelerated.

It is used by a lot of developers and business owners who are using PHP as their scripting language, and there’s no doubt in it being the most popular technology today.

Pros of PHP

  • PHP makes web development very easy, and the maintenance of the applications are feasible with PHP
  • The MVC architecture of PHP will help the code with its usage and maintenance.
  • Stability is another advantage of PHP. You can rely on the stability of PHP as it has proved itself many times.
  • Top content management systems such as WordPress, Drupal are developed with the help of PHP, and since these platforms are open source, it becomes easy to modify the codes.
  • PHP is pretty simple, and its simplicity is one of its significant advantages. It is easy to use for the programmers as they can make the entire application easily with the PHP framework.

Cons of PHP

  • PHP is very flexible, making it easier for the programmers to combine HTML with the framework syntax, which makes it harder for them to extend the PHP apps with more functionalities.
  • The PHP framework isn’t competent modular, which creates problems sometimes and makes things a little crazy. Od

What is Node.JS?

Node.JS is yet another scripting language for web development that has become popular recently. it is a cross-platform runtime environment that executes JavaScript code outside a web browser.

Node.JS is currently climbing the popularity ladder as more and more developers and business owners rely on it these days.

Some notable companies have also leveraged the power of Node.JS, and therefore, it has become a reliable alternative to PHP for web development.

After discussing both of these platforms, in brief, we will move ahead with the pros and cons of these technologies.

Let us first talk about the PHP scripting language.

Pros of Node.JS

  • for those who are familiar with JavaScript, Node.JS can be a good option. Node.JS is a simple framework, and it is less time-consuming as well.

  • Node.JS’s backend solution is more enhanced than any other application, and therefore, this framework can be used to serve different events.

  • The flexibility of Node.JS is another notable advantage of Node.JS. The programmers don’t need to follow any pattern or architecture and have access to thousands of modules.

  • Node.JS works with JSON, which makes the programming more accessible.

  • Node.JS facilitates the faster performance of the web application.

Cons of Node.JS

  • JS has a complicated code structure, and this can be a big hassle for the developers
  • JS cant handle intensive CPU activities like the generation of videos and audios. Node.JS focuses on developing responsive applications, which makes it challenging to create graphic-centric applications.

These are some of the pros and cons of both of these frameworks. Just like any other thing, these frameworks also have several disadvantages, but that can’t overshadow their advantages.

After looking at the pros and cons of both the platform, you might have gotten a clearer idea of both the frameworks and their functioning.

Both of these frameworks have become quite popular, and both PHP vs. Node.JS have served effectively in the backend development of numerous projects.

However, the final choice depends on you and your business needs. Thus, consider the pros and cons of Node.JS and PHP before choosing them, and be sure that they will be beneficial for your business.

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PHP vs. Node.JS- What Is For Your Project In 2021?

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