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Which One is The Best? PhoneGap Vs. Cordova

Have You Ever Heard of the Term – Cordova?


It is the same thing as PhoneGap. But, PhoneGap is a distribution of Apache Cordova, which means Apache Cordova serves as the engine to power the PhoneGap, just like the Webkit – an engine that powers chrome and safari.

Whether you’re an app developer or an organization, you just need to know this from the story:

PhoneGap was previously a product of Adobe. To keep PhoneGap open-source, Adobe handed the PhoneGap codebase was handed over to Apache. Apache changed it to a new name as Cordova.

Now, it’s better known as Apache Cordova. While all this looks fine, but the confusion might still be there –

Is PhoneGap Equal to Cordova?

So, the first thing you need to know about these two is that they are the same cross-platform frameworks with different names. But, to clear out the confusion, you just need to understand that PhoneGap is powered by Apache Cordova. And, the PhoneGap is Cordova plus extra Adobe stuff.

Now, if you want to build a hybrid app, you can either develop it using proper Cordova or choose Adobe’s ecosystem for using PhoneGap distribution of Cordova.

Though, for added values on an open-source framework, you may have to pay.

Cordova will always remain open source and let app developers build applications that are native to iOS, Android, and Windows. Over time, Adobe may add values to this codebase, named as PhoneGap which will be chargeable.


So, the difference that lies in the names of the same framework is that Flutter App Development services are owned by Adobe, and many of these services might not be always free-to-use and open-source.

All in all, there is actually no code base difference between Cordova and PhoneGap as most of their commands are similar, but the PhoneGap comes with a remote build functionality whereas Cordova builds only support local builds.

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Which One is The Best? PhoneGap Vs. Cordova

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