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This feature of the store locator app helps store owners to add multiple stores using a CSV file upload. This helps the customers to find a store nearest to them quickly. If you run multiple stores, this store locator feature will be a magnificent help for you.

Store locator helps the store owners in effortless store management. With robust web support and backing quality, the store locator by Metizsoft is going to be an excellent tool for managing the store or even multiple stores.

This is a free plan with no hidden costs. You can use this app easily and without worrying about the extra costs, one of its most impeccable features.


Let's discuss the pricing of the Dealer Finder app by metizsoft

free plan


Up to 3 locations

basic plan

Or $59.99/yr & save 17%
  • Up to 50 Locations
  • Remove Branding

Standard plan

Or $59.99/yr & save 17%
  • Up to 500 Locations
  • Remove Branding
  • Import CSV
  • Customize Icon
  • Customize Zoom Level
  • Additional Content
  • Default Location
  • Analytics

bussiness plan

Or $159.99/yr & save 17%
  • Unlimited Locations
  • Remove Branding
  • Import CSV
  • Customize Icon
  • Customize Zoom Level
  • Additional Content
  • Default Location
  • Layout
  • Customize CSS

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popular questions


1. Is the store locator by Metizsoft user-friendly?

The app is user-friendly, with multiple responsive mobile-friendly themes and features. If your website is not friendly, you can also turn off the mobile design in the settings.

2. Is the store locator app customizable?

Yes, you can customize the store locator app to match your website’s theme. You can tweak any design aspect you like with your CSS. Store locator also comes with preset settings to customize it the way you want it according to your theme.

3. Can I add multiple stores quickly?

This efficient store locator app allows the admin to add multiple stores quickly. This app has several options for bulk adding and editing locations. You can add multiple locations so that customers can easily find the nearest store.

4. Does google approve of this store locator app?

Google approves our app as we have purchased a certified license from google maps. You should always inquire about the licensing of the app whenever you choose a store locator app. Our app is safe and doesn’t have any risks.

5. How can I cancel my account?

If you have signed up via Shopify, you can uninstall the store locator app directly from your Shopify dashboard.