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Events & Celebrations

Since 2012, we at Metizsoft Solutions enjoy and celebrate each & every part of life time-to-time. We always keep in mind to looking for reasons to have a good time small moments.

Udaipur Trip – 2021

Say GoodBye 2019…! Year End Party

Celebrating Women’s Day 2020

Diwali 2019 Celebrations By Metizsoft

Metizsoft Team Watching Super30 Movie

Celebrating 7 Glorious Years of Success – Metizsoft

Holi Celebrations By Metizsoft

Women’s Day Celebrations – Metizsoft

Say GoodBye 2018…! Year End Party

Diwali Dinner Party 2018 – Metizsoft

Blood Donation Drive 2018 – Metizsoft

Metizsoft – Independence Day Celebration 2018