Heat Management System – Internet of Things

“Harness the power of Thermal Energy through Embedded sensors and Technology-IoT.”

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Therefore, our client, one of the leading Property/Real Estate Management firms in NJ, USA, approached us to develop a Heat Management System as an intelligent application to increase energy consumption and optimize costs by adding smart Ecobee Thermostats. 

Abridgment of Heat Management System

“We are the one solution delivery organization providing efficiency in real-time.”

Ecobee is a Canadian home automation company wherein users can easily monitor the thermostats from anywhere using their smartphones. These thermostats are controlled by a built-in touch screen and web portal available for iOS and Android applications. Our technical expert team is well versed with the latest trends and technologies.

Therefore, our client reached us with an automatic adaptation idea and created a climate schedule for the users. It automatically directs the heating and cooling of a room only as needed.

IoT is a connection of devices that has a profound impact on CRM technology. Moreover, the future of CRM software is powered by new revenue streams for the business. This sort of adaptive performance ( IoT-backed heating system) might create an ability to learn about their surroundings and can begin to get a feel of significant savings.

With fascinating ethics, fresh, interactive, and fast-loading application, we expanded the IoT web-based Thermal device to an HVAC system, including the quality of air, generating meaningful savings for the users and customers.

Moreover, the application consists of a unique Token Authorization 2.0 matrix which cannot be hacked or tampered with at any cost. The user/customer must go through the validation process by passing a security token and their Device ID.

We provided special attention to our client’s requirements and started working efficiently on IoT Thermal system. We successfully came up with a perfect amalgamation of Ecobee Thermostats on comprehensive packages.

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Highlights on some Challenges we faced during the Project

During this Project, there were some critical aspects as we all know that IoT is revolutionizing, and the technology has gone beyond machine-to-machine (M2M).  

Our project management team was continuously in touch with the client’s quality manager throughout the Project, yet we faced some challenges by Ecobee Thermostat users. Our client demanded Token Authorization 2.0 to ensure security and accessibility. Therefore, it was one of the challenges to synchronize the Ecobee thermostat with a unique Token Management System.

Moreover, our client expected Thermostats Check Form features to generate a new session for the user and auto-generates after the expiry of the previous session.

Our expert development team constantly focused on different-different challenges throughout the Project and transformed the entire Heat Management System integrated with IoT in an Ingenious and straightforward way.

“Our Team always gives personalise attention to overcome each difficulty and Challenge to merge with the clients’ business need.”

Project Approach with Synopsis and Benefits

The application provided a framework to optimize the Heat Management system and improves the standard of living. Our client was really eager to find an optimal solution to reduce the wastage of thermal energy in this era of technological advantage.

Henceforth, our software development initiatives provided some key advantages and solutions to flourish client’s business with digital marketing expertise.

Some Smart Key Benefits

Metizsoft’s team is one of the premier app development companies, and our software development department is expertise in generating desired results. Our company provided the perfect solution and unique, most innovative ways to reduce the organization’s environmental footprints.

  • The intelligent software is easy to install with the hardware device and can go along with the most popular HVAC System- Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning providing better temperature variability.
  • The Thermal Management Application is fully compatible with your Desktop and Mobile. Therefore the processing power provides the benefits of ubiquitous wireless connectivity. 
  • Metizsoft made the web-based application, and the most significant advantage is that the user can switch on/off, change the settings, and easily alter the temperature.
  • The thermal application has far greater reliability and new functionality that can be used in Residence or Small-Larger Enterprises. 
  • Our talented designers provided an application that runs on a very secure Token Authorization 2.O matrix, meeting the business’s unique needs. 

With over 30 years of experience, Metizsoft Solutions in Ahmadabad, India, is leading the global market in providing world-class high-tech innovation and digital transformation with disruptive and new/latest technologies.

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Final Results

“We provide 100% quality guarantee with 100% client satisfaction.”

We successfully developed an efficient and user-centric CRM platform that can be easily accessed from any single point.

We all are delighted and very proud that our client was delighted by seeing the remarkable performance of the application. We built personal and professional solid ever-lasting relationships with our Real Estate client through the successful launch of the stunning IoT based CRM software.