Heat Management System



Our client, a leading Property Management firm in NJ, USA approached Metizsoft, looking for a smart platform to increase their energy consumption and optimize costs by adding intelligent to the Ecobee Thermostats across their facility.

The Challenge:

Our Client is a leading Property Management Firm in New Jersey, USA. They are into Real Estate investments and manage a large portfolio in terms of Real Estate Management. They have been exploring opportunities to increase the value of their investors by identifying key areas of concerns which can improve standards of living and optimize Heat management. Major energy consumption has directly been related to the heating and cooling equipment at their properties. Our client was eager to find an optimized solution to reduce wastage of energy and help the investors save on operational costs. In the Era of Technological advancement, more and more companies are relying on the network of physical objects accessed through the Internet to connect people, places, and things referred to as the “Internet of Things” (IoT). We suggested the EcobeeThermostat, supported by a smart software platform developed by Metizsoft through IoT CRM.


Heat Management System is the collection of various API’s which are integrated into a single Web-based system. There are Room sensors for household use and Ecobee 4, Ecobee 3 Lite for Industrial use. But Ecobee thermostats are an IoT based CRM software which can operate both at the same time.

An Ecobee Thermostat is a smart device that basically, measures the temperature, compares it to the temperature that you have set, and sends a very small electrical pulse to a heater or air conditioner to turn on/off when there’s a difference. The best feature is that it is designed with a simple yet responsive and user-friendly interface and it comes with many other interactive features.

It is very easy to install, immediately gets along with your HVAC System and is fully compatible with your Desktop and Mobile. Schedules can be set and it can also be copied onto the other systems, it is easy and intuitive.


Our client approached us with his requirement; to develop a Heat Management System as an Application wherein they could provide it as a proposition to its customers. They were in quest of a Smart Software that is compatible with the Hardware device, can be easily accessible to the customer, on-the-go and is Smart & Secure.

Metizsoft’s team of experts developed a software that can be operated through our Application and also be operated through its Web-based solution. Our developers synced the Ecobee thermostat with the software through a unique Token Management System. Each time the user inputs a command, the software would generate a token at the backend, carrying a unique code. This code is validated against the command and only then processed.

The biggest advantage of this application is that the user can switch on/off, change settings or even alter temperatures along with tracking of the Ecobee Thermostat from any location.

Our application runs on a very secure authorization matrix. As per the Token Authorization 2.0, we ensure our system cannot be hacked or misused. An authentication is successful if a user can prove to a server that he or she is a valid user by passing a security token and the Device ID. The service validates the security token and processes the user request. Once logged in and upon command, the system will generate the token, if not communicated ahead or used to process, the system regenerates the token and cancels the previous one.

It also leverages the Client to oversee and manage the monthly usage and billing of each customer. If any user has not paid the bill or exhausted the usage limit, the client can end the period and henceforth the system gets temporarily gets locked and the user cannot switch it on or use the system until dues are cleared.

The Ecobee Forum is a global platform wherein, the Ecobee thermostat users post issues and difficulties faced by users. Our team of technical experts also participates in resolving the customer issues. We have worked on all the on-going issues and have sought to resolve them.

You may visit the Forum here: https://support.ecobee.com/hc/en-us

“Metizsoft gave us the perfect solution to what we had asked for. Our company now has better visibility and access to real-time information and analytics that are critical to curbing the company’s environmental footprints”

– Managing Member of a leading Property Management Firm

Some critical aspects of the project that my team of experts nailed:

  • Token management System

The token management system was developed after understanding the challenges faced by Ecobee Thermostat users. This system attends to each command via a unique token, the backend of the system proceeds the command only after proper verification of all required checkpoints. It also uses the Token Authorization 2.0 to ensure security and accessibility.

  • Thermostats Check Form

These cool Check forms were created keeping in mind the need to generate a new session for the user after a certain period of time and after curtailed intervals. The system auto-regenerates after the expiry of the previous session with an extended code.

  • Ecobee Forum

An Ecobee Forum was created to reinstate the chances of the possible Ecobee failures majorly occurring with the thermostats. Our team had resolved all the major issues as faced by existing users and are active members of the forum to provide support on this global platform.


We came up with the perfect amalgamation of the Ecobee Thermostat Hardware and the Software that we developed.

We devised an efficient CRM which can be accessed and managed easily for N number of locations from a single point. It is so smart and efficient in a performance that it can be used in Residential as well as any Small to Large-scale industry facilities.

After the Go Live of the project, our clients came up to us to share that it was a delight to use the software, to the extent that they end up interacting with it frequently.

Needless to say; it was also one of the smartest ways to reduce the organization’s environmental footprints.