Prints that Capture Eyes – 99Prints Shopify App

Many Merchants come to us and asked for POD kind of services in India, unfortunately, none of the Indian providers offer such services in India, so we came up with 99prints for people involved in print on demand business.


99Prints Shopify app is developed for those who wish start Print on Demand Business. The intent of the app is to deliver a customized printing solution for Indian Merchants, Sellers who want to use 99Prints Services for custom designs on their T-shirts or hoodies or any attire.

This App provides Seamless Integration with 99Prints with Shopify with single click installation, one step beyond the Printing apps to allow customers to place custom design of their choice on any dress of any color of the various size ranges.

It is one such online printing app that stands out as an incredible and valuable for the user who wants to print designs for themselves. Just choose your design and dress, place an order and get your desired dress at your place. Prices are determined based on the design and garment type and size.


99 Prints Shopify app is the custom-built & uniquely built application developed by our expert team of developers. We faced many failures and used trial and error method to reach our destination, to deliver a solution that saves time for POD business owners.

Our main Goal is to provide simple but fast and user-friendly UI that can be used by any user and Seller to integrate with their Shopify store and website.


It is a Textile and Design based app developed by Metizsoft. Integration between Shopify & 99Prints allows the Sellers to choose the custom design of their choice, place the order and order is automatically sent to the company where it gets printed, packed and shipped to the customer directly. This means company gets the design from customers via 99Prints fulfillment services.

  • Calculating size.

    We have to provide printing solutions on various cloth and sizes, so the main thing is how to place various design on the cloth with perfect fit based on size, type of cloth and design size.

  • Final Product Virtualization

    Once the customer finalizes the product we need to deliver the image exactly as per the demand of the customer.


After passing little hurdles and challenges we are happy to deliver an app that can be integrated with Shopify. Metizsoft Shopify Experts Developer has created this app for our POD Business Merchants to widen their business reach and boost their sales. This app fully caters to the need of Print on Demand business merchants.

You can also start your own POD Business with this app. Just Contact Metizsoft we will deliver this beautiful app to you. Just install and start using it.