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What’s New in Angular 14? Here’s a Quick Look at The Features Updates!

The first Angular version is named Angular 1.0, which Google released in 2010. From 2010 to 2022, the open-source, TypeScript-based front-end framework has undergone 14 updates in its core features, configuration, and libraries, assuring it meets the latest requirements of enterprise web applications.

The newest release happened on 2nd June 2022.

So, let’s dive into those newly included or upgraded features of Angular 14 to check how compatible it will be in upcoming times.

So, here’s a checklist:

What’s new in the latest Angular updates?

Fast forward Angular Development Process with Standalone Components

The previous versions used the standalone component to streamline the authoring of Angular applications by reducing the NgModules requirements. But, with the new Angular 14 release, the standalone components went through a strict developers preview radar.

As a result, it’s now been used as a fast-forward Angular App development and exploration process.

However, there is a higher possibility of API instability, which could change the regular backend compatibility strategy. Later, the framework will use to develop schematics, for example – ng new <app-name> –standalone. Also, it will document those use cases and learning procedures for further requirements.

Typed Angular Forms

Okay, so the following phrase might get an equal reaction but let me tell you that the latest Angular version has put a full stop to its top Github Issues, which is implementing difficult typing for the Angular Reactive Forms Package.

Typed forms ensure the safe insertions of the values inside forms controls, groups, and arrays inside the API surface. Led to quick and reliable forms creations, especially for higher complex nested cases.

The typed-in form features were significantly updated due to the higher user demand to make smooth and streamlined comments and reviews. Now, with the updated schematics, Angular developers have the accessibility to moderate existing forms with the new prototypes with complete backend compatibility.

Outstretched Developer Diagnostics

In the latest Angular update, new extended diagnostics are attached to help you with extendable framework support. You can now quickly get more insight into your templates and work on their improvements.

The improved diagnostics render compile-time warnings with suitable and accurate suggestions for those templates, ensuring bug-catching before runtime.

Modernized Best Practices

The Angular 14 release has brought many changes and convenient best development practices for high-quality deliverables. Starting with the new detection instruction change on angular.io, the Agular v14 comes with pre-built tools that allow developers to build scalable web applications.

From routing to the code editor, now you have the upper hand in leveraging the new modification detection instructions on angular.io.

Well-organized Page Title Accessibility

A streamlined page title accessibility was the need of the hour, and Angular has responded to the users’ demand precisely. Adding the new Route title attribute in the Angular Router v13.2 has eased the page title complex procedure.

“Banana in box” Error

The usual developer syntax is to roll over the brackets and parentheses in two-way data binding, writing ([]) in place of [()]. However, () resembles the banana look due to its curviness and [] looks like a box; it was named “banana in a box” error.

The Angular v13.2 release gave an in-detail description of this blunder. Also, the sheer guidance was there to solve this issue, all using the CLI and Code Editor.

Improved Tree-Shakable Error Message

The Angular 14 release contains new runtime error codes. Angular developers now have the advantage of using this new runtime error code’s robustness to find the references on how to fix the bugs quickly.

This procedure will help you create an optimizer where you can keep your error codes with the long strings of the tree-shaking error messages from production bundles.

To detect the entire text while working on the production debugging, Angular asks you to visit the Angular reference manuals and replicate those mistakes in the development environment.

Non-nullable Values will Help You Catch Nullish Coalescing

The coalescing error rises only if the input is not “nullable.”, referring to uncompromised null or undefined types. The Extended diagnostic warns about the complex errors for useless bullish coalescing operators (??) in Angular templates.

The extended diagnostics reveal the errors during ng build, and ng serves in real-time with the Angular language service. The diagnostics are constructed in tsconfig.json, where it’s decided to consider diagnostics only a warning, error, or suppression.

Additional developments in the Features of Angular 14 Release

The Angular 14 encompasses the current Typescript 4.7 support and aims for ES2020 by default, enabling the CLI to ship minor code without levelling down.

Moreover, there are several new feature updates that every Angular developer should know:

Bind to Protect

Angular enables you to bind to protect component members directly from the templates. Asa result, you have more control over the public API surface of your reusable components.

Embedded Views Optional Injectors

You will find additional support for passing an optional injector while working on the development of an embedded view through ViewContainerRef.createEmbeddedView and TemplateRef.createEmbeddedView.

This injector later enables the dependency behaviour, making it more personalized within the specific template.

Angular CLI Enhancements

The Standard CLI argument parsing comprises more consistency across the whole Angular CLI, ensuring every flag uses a lower-skewer-case format. However, Angular 14 has come with a removed deprecated camel case arguments support, enabling combined aliases usage support.

Ng Model OnPush

The Angular community support contribution has ended the significant issue, ensuring that NgModel changes are returned in the UI for OnPush components.

Ng Completion

The new version of Angular has come with real-time auto-completion for commands as ng serve commands. Before it was not in the command line, typos contributed to the same path.

The latest version of Angular has launched the new ng completion, introducing real-time type-ahead autocompletion! The CLI will ensure its availability during your first command execution in the updated version.

NG Analytics

The CLI analytics command in Angular 14 allows you to enable analytics settings and print analysis information.

In contrast, you need to ensure that your-detail output effectively communicates with your analytics configurations and provides the development team with the telemetry data making them understand the project prioritization.

NG Cache

The Ng Cache shows you how to control and print cache information from the command line. You can quickly enable, disable, or delete from disk and print statistics and news.

Bottom Line

Since its initial release, Angular has been the pioneer in developing robust single-page large-scale web applications. However, the in-time, frequent upgrades have made it difficult for newbies to adapt to the changes quickly and precisely.

Although, enterprises find it challenging to cope with the latest Angular versions in their existing web app development procedures.

However, the door to Metizsoft Solution – A renowned Angular development company, is always open for those who seek professional help in their Angular development. For those, we gave them the leverage to hire Angular developers on a monthly or hourly price basis, based on their budget and requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. How to install Angular 14?

You can install Angular v14 using npm by enrolling the next flag. Once done, open the new command-line interface and run the below-mentioned command line to install the latest version of Angular.

Angular 14 installation command line npm install –global @angular/cli@next

2. How to upgrade to Angular 14?

You can upgrade from Angular 13 to Angular 14 by clicking here.

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