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Today, the wonderful saga of technology got accompanied with amazing blend of tradition. Yes! It’s Diwali! The entire family of Metizsoft celebrated the festival of lights by spreading the light of happiness with each other.


With the theme of ‘KEEP SMILING’ we decided to give a new touch of happiness to festival of lights. To make it memorable and showcase the hidden talent of Metizsoft members, we doubled the happiness by organizing competitions.


Everyone was waiting for the clock to strike three. It started from Treasure Hunt and ended to prize distribution. Teams who have been planning up since a while were super excited to begin with the game. The color of tradition was splattered all around.


Everyone made the festival more glamorous as they were wearing gleaming attires and all set to unveil the ‘Creative they’. Game and competition were coupled with work and fun. The energy and enthusiasm were beyond comparison. The fun not only included into sneaking what other team is doing, but it was fun to see everyone running all around to organize the assets required and finding more better ideas on internet. The mesmerizing Rangolis dipped in the essence of light and divinity had the power to capture your soul.



This is how Metizsoft family celebrates love of working together and how the beauty of being together grows.