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WhatsApp Clone Development

WhatsApp Clone Development
Xamarin has become a favorite of developers within a short time span of less than half a decade and this can be considered itself a remarkable achievement. Metizsoft offers one of the best Xamarin development services to its esteemed clientele that comprises of both domestic and overseas clients. As Xamarin has been only 4 years old, finding experienced and talented Xamarin developers is not an easy feat and Metizsoft based in India exactly caters to this need brilliantly. Its app developers cater to a global clientele including that of UK, US, Australia, Ukraine, UAE and many more.

Xamarin enables one to get powerful iOS or Android apps effortlessly by making use of Mono which in turn is an open-sourced, cross-platform .NET framework. This is shipped successfully to an Android or Apple device to enable it to run the codes written in C# language diligently written by our Xamarin app developers. We know how to harness the tremendous power of this platform and thus develop hybrid applications too for our clients to meet their increased expectations. What’s more we also excel in Xamarin Windows app development like no one in the industry.

Advantages of WhatsApp Development

whatsapp clone

Deliver native Android, iOS, and window apps, using existing skills, teams, and code.

whatsapp clone

Xamarin Test Cloud Ship better apps faster with automated tresting

whatsapp clone

Bring mobile Developers to your apps and reliability to your users.

whatsapp clone

Go mobile and stay ahead with interactive mobile development training on your schedule.

Why Use WhatsApp Clone?

Cost Effective

Allows cross-platform compatability to cut down costs

Native Interface

Controls of Native UI and platforms

High Performance

C# writing code ensures smooth sharing of apps

Automated Testing

Test Cloud enables automatic testing on apps


Stay up-to-date with latest iOS and Android features

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