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RapidCenter – BigCommerce Store


Now this one is a really chic. As we know, RapidCenter is one online shopping store that focuses on accessories and leather goods. This online store has a wide collection of such items. To add a bit of glamour to the web page we have developed an exciting carousel.

By using a carousel we have enabled multiple pieces of content in one place, offering a glimpse into the things that are in store for the visitor. This carousel is enhanced by a good navigation and content, thus making it complete. Check out our BigCommerce Development Services Here.

The carousel is designed in such a way that it catches the attention of most visitors. Moreover, the carousel is customised to reflect the content of the store. Apart from it, there are other regular features such as the grid, where the latest products on sale are advertised.

Then there are regular columns based on brands and categories to make the whole page user-friendly. The move into e-commerce is designed to boost sales, opening up a market not previously tapped with the company’s existing direct sales techniques.