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Nelson Uniform

Nelson & Co. offers a range of Uniforms, Armory, Duty and Tactical Gear for Soldiers and SWAT guys. The website needed a special visual appeal that could help customers to search and identify the items they need and place hassle free order. Built in Shopify, it was equipped with a mega menu, simple and easy navigation and one click “Shopping Cart” and “My Wishlist” button. Nelson & Co. aspires to be the most popular storefront among customers or first responders who are seeking for retail uniforms and tactical equipment.


Nelson & Co. designed with perfect visual appeal and simplistic functionalities. It’s responsive user interface and a systematic listing of items with related images allows the customers to view their products of need. They can place an order easily with single click “Shopping Cart” button or can add a list of desired things with “My Wishlist” button. Apart from these functionalities, the website provides simple UI with multiple product pages.



Nelson & Co. is a Public Safety Outfitters. It is an online Shopify storefront developed by Metizsoft Solutions.


  • Mega Menu

The website involves a lot of pages and/or products. We were given a task to create a custom drop down interface (mega menu) that shows all the options in one panel with product images.

  • Customization

It was an eCommerce website built in Shopify. Hence, it was a little bit challenging to customize application as well as to customize mega menu.


In order to add a custom drop-down interface, we have created Mega Menu snippet. A small piece of code developed to improve navigation and usability. This will help customers to find their wanted products conveniently. Since the code is developed by our Shopify developer, it provides a separate section where admin can add or remove the image from Mega Menu anytime.

We use ELLA Responsive Shopify theme to customize the website and to give the whole layout stunning look. It makes site quick and easy to navigate through all the categories and products.


With the help of our Shopify developers and their in-depth knowledge in Shopify, we have successfully created an effective eCommerce store that allows admin to manage product listing with products images. Each feature was added according to client’s requirement, along with the impressive look and feel. It was backed with amazing functionalities and has a large banner to showcase new arrivals. Use of ELLA theme makes it responsive so that it can be displayed perfectly on all devices.