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Eat Now – Personalized Restaurant Recommendation

Eat Now is an adoptive restaurant discovery app. It features restaurant recommendations based on your preferences. Each time you use the app we’ll learn a little more about you which means the next round of restaurant recommendations will be more “you”.

Eat Now is also available on the Apple Watch.

  • Instant Recommendation

Eating out tonight but don’t know where to go? That’s where we come in. Simply open the app and recommended restaurants are presented right away! Flick through the options and have a good time deciding! Eat Now also pushes recommendations to your phone based on your location.

  • Effortless Personalization

Personalization happens automatically. Each time you choose a restaurant, Eat Now learns more about your taste and makes better suggestions the next around! So just keep using the app and enjoy!

(Source: Eat Now – Restaurant Mobile Application)