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Magento Pre-Orders


Know What Your Customer Wants Through Magento Pre-Orders Extension!

Pre-Orders is a facility offered to customers to place an order for goods in advance that is not available for immediate delivery. This extension feature will let your customers pre-order an item which is not yet released. The product will carry a pre-order note along with showing the availability date for delivery. The information collected through pre-orders will benefit you as a store owner.



Magento Pre-Orders Extension tells interesting details about customer’s purchasing patterns and makes you always on guard regarding must-have products for your store. As a store owner, you will be able to know about products which are in highest demand.

Magento Pre-Orders Extension enables you to take important managerial decisions and be ready with the stock whose demand is high. At the same time, you can also use it as a tactic to test the demand for products which you consider top rated.

Key Features of Pre-Orders Extensions:

  • Enables Admin to label products as available for Pre-Orders.
  • Allows the following Pre-Order options for products: No Pre-Order, Limited or Unlimited Quantity Pre-Order.
  • Admin can specify the Product Availability Date that would be displayed on the page of a product available for Pre-Ordering.
  • Displays the “Pre-orders” button instead of “Buy Now” on the product page of an item available for Pre-Order.
  • Enables your customers to place a Pre-Order and pay for the item in advance.
  • Enables Admin to process the orders that contain both purchases and Pre-Orders.
  • Regular purchase proceeds as usual, and the pre-ordered item is shipped when the stock status is changed to Available.
  • Enables Admin to specify a custom stock status.
  • Adds “Pending Pre-Order” and “Processing Pre-Order” to order statuses.
  • Enables Admin to easily search for placed Pre-Orders with Filtering by Order Status.


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