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Order Tracking Module which will allow customer to track the Status of Order without logging .customer can easily check your order status.




Hurry Up! Add new functionality to your store to give your customers the benefit of tracking their orders.Yes you can do it. Integrate Order Tracking Module into your store to make your customers happier.Order Tracking Module will allow customer to track the Status of Order without logging in. That means, without signing into their user account customers can easily check their order status.Check tracking code number by order and customer email.Automatic insertion of extension’s links to top menu.Customer can check his/her Order status by simply email address and order id.


User: admin
Pwd: admin123

Extension Key Features:

  1. It is easy to integrate and manage.
  2. Guest users can track their orders with just their e-mail ID and order number without any registration.
  3. This makes tracking very quick and easy.
  4. Automatic insertion of extension’s links to top menu.
  5. Shipment status belongs of Provide sites.
  6. Compatible with all Magento Versions.
  7. Enable/Disable button from back-end.

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How to Install Magento Ordertracking Extension?

  1. Extract zip file.
  2. just upload to your Magento root directory.
  3. Refresh your cache.
  4. Re-login admin panel.
  5. Go to system> configuration > Metizsoft Extension > Order Tracking Save Config. Enable this extension.


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